Woman stuns as she paints her fabric bed to give it a whole new life

EVER wanted to change a piece of furniture in your home but what you already have works well and you don’t want to spend a fortune replacing it?

Well, one TikToker may have found a way around this problem – when she wanted to change her bed, instead of buying a new one, this savvy saver just painted the one she already had.


The TikToker decided to paint his bed green rather than buy a new oneCredit: @new_build_forever_home/Tiktok
Kate shares a photo of how the bed will look when finished


Kate shares a photo of how the bed will look when finishedCredit: @new_build_forever_home/Tiktok

Posting a clip on TikTok, Kate from @new_build_forever_home shared how she told her husband she was going to paint the bed, to which he replied “what?”

It must be said that the idea of ​​painting the fabric headboard puts us in agreement with the husband, but for Kate, the bet seems to have paid off.

A viewer commented that the paint would eventually dry out and peel, to which Kate replied “No, it’s been perfect for over a year”.

Another TikToker suggested another quick fix for changing beds, writing; “you could just buy some fabric and a stapler…”

If you decide to do this at home, just make sure you choose a paint that doesn’t release harmful chemicals into your room.

Kate says the paint she chose was “water-based and low VOC, so no different to sleeping in a room painted with a decent paint, I would say.”

She discussed in more detail the type of paint she used and how long the results lasted, saying, “Looks great, no sags or peeling. It’s chalk paint. A kind of fabric dye.

Some reviewers shared their own stories of similar DIY jobs, with one saying they painted their “crushed velvet bed” and “it turned out great.”

Another shared a slightly different method for changing the color of your bed frame, writing, “I dyed my bed gray to black…fabric dye in a spray bottle with plastic sheets behind it.”

TikTok is full of different DIY and decorating tips and tricks – including a woman who revamped her dated floors using stencils and paint.

Another TikTok user shared how he created a spa in his own backyard.

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