Trending nail art ideas to try in 2022

Nail polish is not enough these days. Nails have become a canvas and adorning them with different colors, patterns, elements and textures is nothing less than art. Although our social media feeds are always full of news and latest nail trends, which makes it difficult for you to decide, we have compiled a list of these new nail trends to make it easier for you.

glazed donut nails

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Hailey Bieber discussed the manicure in a recent interview with R29 that everyone inquired about. Fans called the look of her nails “glazed donut”. The glossy sheen on the nails looks like a thin layer of icing. Hailey Bieber said in an interview, “I do a little coat of color and then rub some chrome dust on it. Well, Zola, my nail tech, does that.

Glitter Confetti

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In 2022, confetti-inspired glitter looks have become popular. They are cheerful and entertaining and fit any theme or season. This year is the season to try something a little bolder and brighter, as last year it was all about muted or neutral tones.

French two-tone

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The next level of your nail game can easily be reached with a two-tone French manicure! Almost any shade can be combined with it. You can choose two favorite colors and apply them on your nail tips. These will make your hands look pretty and give you a nice clean look. You can never go wrong with a two-tone French. French design will always stay on trend because the classics never go out of style.

french embellished

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French manicures with embellishments are all the rage right now. Imagine it as a standard French manicure with an added design element and bright color. This nail trend is a great way to liven up a typically plain nail design.

Luminous swirl

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Throughout 2022, I think swirl nail art will remain on trend. It’s entertaining and adaptable; you can make it understated with earthy tones or very vibrant with bold, bright colors. Depending on the colors you have chosen, this nail art can be worn any time of the year.

Combined art

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In this trend, there is a lot of distinct art on each nail! Whether it’s nail decals, press on art or hand painted, you can try many exciting color and design combinations in just one manicure. People can unleash their creativity because there are endless possibilities.

Year 2000 designs

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As Y2K fashion takes over the world of trends, how can we forget our nails? Nail nostalgia has hit us with the resurgence of the 2000s trend. You can find everything that would have been on a T-shirt at Gadzooks in the year 2000 on your nails, including flowers, smiley faces and Mushroom.

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