Summer outfit ideas for men

Summer is full of exciting opportunities and events to dress up; getaways, vacations, parties and work. But figuring out what to wear for all those events can be a challenge for a busy man.

Deciding what to wear to one of these occasions depends on different factors: the location, the mood, and sometimes what everyone is planning to wear. To help you end this dilemma and stay on top of your style, BRANDS rounds up the best picks for this season.

Polo shirts and chinos set

The polo shirt is a simple but timeless piece of clothing. It is an ideal summer piece and can be easily dressed up. The FT polo shirt is characterized by unique features, namely its fashionable collar, its slightly stretchy and breathable fabric. It is an item that a man can wear for any occasion.

BRANDS sells this versatile and always fashionable item online and in-store. With a range of polo shirts to choose from, you can always find the color and style that suits you best at outlet prices. Embroidered with the Francisco Tolli logo, the collection is knitted in a double cotton weave giving it a breathable, elastic, high quality and absorbent structure.

Make polo and chinos your outfit choice to create a casual and cool outfit. Spice up the look by wearing white low top sneakers.

Jogging and t-shirt set

You read correctly ! Joggers aren’t just for the gym anymore. With this year’s streetwear trend, you can now wear them for your casual daily errands; a walk, a coffee, or for comfort.

Francisco Tolli joggers are available in a multitude of colors including charcoal gray, black, khaki, navy blue and white. It features an elastic waistband with drawstrings so you can adjust the piece to your preference. It also offers pockets that securely fit items such as wallets and keys, making the collection perfect for managing your daily school activities.

In addition to jogging, wear a t-shirt to complete the ensemble. You can wear a graphic print t-shirt, or you can also go for a basic white crew-neck t-shirt. All these collections are offered in BRANDS at factory prices.

Business casual attire

When you dress for a work occasion, you want to dress casual. BRANDS allows you to stand out with your style and make a good impression. They offer a range of business casual fashion items ranging from cute blazers to pants and long sleeve shirts.

Francisco Tolli’s combination of blazers and tailored pants is effortless, crisp and stylish. You can complete the look with a nice pair of loafers. It’s a great option for a man who wants to maintain his class and confidence.

Another option is a casual long-sleeved shirt and chinos. You can pair it with loafers to add an extra touch of style to the outfit. This outfit is perfect if you still want to look stylish despite the sweltering heat.

Whatever your summer plans, chances are you’re too busy to worry about what to wear.

To build a versatile summer wardrobe, you need to start investing in essentials. They are often classic pieces, which look great in a variety of different settings and can be easily mixed and matched.

If you are a man of style and efficiency, BRANDS is the best destination to offer the widest range of a man’s needs and help you wear the outfit you want.

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