Stranger Things spin-offs: 3 completely unrealizable ideas that we would like to see

With stranger thingsWith its fourth season slated for later this year and the fifth and final one already confirmed, spinoff speculation is already in overdrive, with creator brothers Matt and Ross Duffer doing nothing to help matters.

Talk to SFKthe duo confessed that the highly anticipated ending they wrote felt premature to them and that they still have “a lot remains in the tank— a euphemism, surely, for “Netflix is ​​really struggling right now so they’d probably give us a wheelbarrow full of hundred dollar bills to make more of their most popular franchise.”

Naturally, however, they are discreet about what a stranger things the fallout might actually look like. “We haven’t told anyone about our plans, not even Netflix!” Matt told the magazine.

“We have ideas[…]for us, the bar was always ‘Is the idea exciting enough that we feel like doing it again?'”

Matt Duffer added: “I want to feel the pull of ‘God, I really want to do this. I feel really, really excited about it. That’s why we pay attention to what it is and whether we go ahead or not.”

So far, so diplomatic. So instead here’s our own cry for three stranger things spin-offs we’d love to see, at GQ.

Jonathan Byer’s Stylish Things

Watch the children of stranger things growing up since the show began in 2016 has been emotional at times – neither has Charlie Heaton, the show’s moody stranger who blossomed off-screen to become one of the best-dressed men on the celebrity circuit. . In this spinoff, Jonathan walks us through various killer looks for 2023 with his unique goofy charm, peering behind his bangs and mumbling darkly.

Jim Hopper’s Grooming Gods

The only fan favorite bigger than Jim Hopper himself is the big man’s mustache. In this historical series, Jim revisits defining moments in human history – your Tom Sellecks, your Groucho Marxes, your Genghis Khans – and describes how they changed the world. Better to go easy on the booze jumper, though.

Billy Hagrove’s Mule Makeover

One of the show’s most enigmatic characters, bad boy Billy met his unfortunate demise in season three, leaving fans bereft – mostly because of his killer mullet and baggy denim jumpsuits. In this series, Billy travels across America giving people from all walks of life a makeover involving the much-maligned hairstyle, to see if mules alone can’t just help bridge the cultural divides that divide America.


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