Space-saving kitchen ideas for studio apartments

NEW DELHI: We are all well used to living in small spaces in India. The size of the apartments decreases from year to year, while the prices of the real estate explode. Millennials make studios their home, and maximizing the use of space is key to the perfect interior! This article is for souls who find it difficult to organize a kitchen area inside a studio apartment.

Storage: The major problem with a small kitchen space can be solved by installing smart storage options. Replace age-old kitchen cabinets with drawers, pull-outs, hydraulic closed shelves and roller shutters. Installing a roller shutter instead of a cabinet door saves at least 30% space in your kitchen. You can install 3-4 drawers instead of a single cupboard, thus using the space to its maximum capacity.

Plus, pull-outs and drawers make things easily accessible compared to pulling an item out of a closet that hits the ceiling. That said, cupboards touching the ceiling definitely give the impression of higher ceilings, eliminating the feeling of spaciousness in a small space. Finally, follow the designs of the urban modular kitchen and install pull-outs and drawers in the lower part of the kitchen slab, either above the fireplace or the kitchen sink.

Color & Bindings: For small kitchens, always choose matte, glossy, and wood textures as well as shades like off-white, ivory, cream, eggshell, and sometimes gray. Keeping a single palette or similar shades creates the illusion of a larger space. To break up the monotony, you can also add a pop of color in shades of bright yellow, tangerine, and electric blue to your otherwise soft background. Plus, as the traditional rule of design goes, “Use mirrors and make your space bigger.”

A mirror works best to create an optical illusion of space. Incorporate shiny and reflective materials as the reflective surface reflects light and extends the view, adding lightness to any cramped area. You can also install a backsplash using reflective tiles or glass. For a homogeneous and aesthetic backsplash, you can also choose quartz. Since quartz is considerably stain resistant as it is non-porous. In addition to the options already mentioned, acrylic laminate is a fantastic choice for backsplashes as it enhances the aesthetics and overall appeal of the kitchen.

Do you want to place a partition between the kitchen and the living room? Simply mount a floor-to-ceiling mirrored sliding door that will act as a divider while expanding the space. Replacing heavy handles and knobs with finger pulls, slim and sleek pulls, tiny knobs or magnetic strips gives your kitchen cabinets a minimal and modern look, making the room appear larger.

Choice of appliances: The art of designing a kitchen for a studio apartment is to create the illusion of a larger space. Once you’ve decided on the color scheme and built the storage, you need to line up and install appliances that make life easier while taking up minimal kitchen counter space.

Built-in appliances such as hobs, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. are the top choice for studio kitchens today due to their ergonomic, space-saving design. Remember that appliances such as microwaves, ovens and blenders take up a lot of space in the kitchen, so choose sturdy, versatile appliances that can be stored away when not in use. Bring appliances and organize them to create more counter space for a clean and organized kitchen.

Bring life to the kitchen: A little touch of greenery inside your small kitchen can transform the whole vibe of the place. The studio kitchens are mostly open and connected to the living space. If you have a window around the kitchen, place small plants around the window seal. Small herbaceous plants that don’t need a lot of sun and can thrive in darker places can be placed next to the kitchen sink. A touch of green inside the kitchen will give you a break while you cook your favorite dish and also release the large amount of oxygen needed in small spaces.

Make room for some light: A well-ventilated apartment is a blessing in today’s world. Nowadays, while having a studio, people receive the plan and layout predefined by the promoter. BUT, if you have a choice, be sure to plan the kitchen where a large sliding window can fit. A wide window allows quality air and light circulation inside your small space and won’t make you feel claustrophobic. A well-ventilated kitchen keeps flies, insects, and mites away from the neighborhood, making your kitchen more hygienic and breathable.

Now that you have the basic idea on how to save space in your studio kitchens, just remember one rule. Play around with colors, fixtures, and fixtures to create a sense of larger space while making maximum use of space. Keep decor simple and minimalist to avoid clutter and clutter. Finally, take a look at your kitchen space and make a list of your needs before designing it in the way that best suits your needs.

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