PM Modi presents a traditional Gujarat Rogan painting to Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II

During his three-day tour of Europe, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the Queen of the Kingdom of Denmark, Margrethe II, at the historic Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen on May 3. The Prime Minister presented a painting by Rogan of Gujarat to the Queen of the Kingdom of Denmark, Margrethe II. Rogan painting is a fabric printing art practiced in Kutch district of Gujarat. In this craft, paint made from boiled oil and vegetable dyes is applied to the fabric using a metal block (printing) or a stylus (painting).

Learn more about Rogan’s painting

The craft nearly died out at the end of the 20th century, with Rogan painting being practiced by only one family. The process of making Rogan paint is very laborious and skillful, with artists placing a small amount of this paint paste on their palms. At room temperature, the paint is carefully twisted into patterns and images using a metal rod that never comes into contact with the fabric. Then the craftsman folds his designs into a blank cloth, thus imprinting his mirror image.

Prime Minister Modi also presented a Dokra boat from Chattisgarh to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. Dokra is a non-ferrous metal casting using the lost wax casting technique. This type of metal casting has been used in India for over 4,000 years and is still in use today. Likewise, Crown Princess Mary received a Silver Meenakari Bird figurine from Benares.

About the Meenakari Bird

The art of silver enameling practiced in Benares (Varanasi) is almost 500 years old and has its roots in the Persian art of Meenakari (Meena is the Persian word for glass). The most distinctive element of the artwork is the use of the color pink in various shades on various products. The base is a sheet of silver, which is fixed on a metal base. The sheet attached to the base mold is beaten lightly to obtain a fitted shape of the mold. The preliminary product is spliced ​​out of the mold and skillfully joined. On this one, a drawing is worked with a metallic pen. ‘Meena’ is ground into a fine powder and mixed with pomegranate seeds in water. Subsequently, it is fixed on different parts of the product with a flat metal tool called ‘qalam’. The finished product is decorated with semi-precious stones and beads.

PM Modi in Europe to attend 2nd India-Nordic Summit

On May 4, Prime Minister Modi attended the second India-North Summit with the Prime Ministers of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway. But before the start of the summit, the prime minister also held bilateral summit meetings with the leaders of Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland.

In the latest development regarding the premiere’s European itinerary, Prime Minister Modi, according to the Foreign Office, will make a brief stopover in Paris, as France currently holds the EU Presidency and the French President Emmanuel Macron was recently re-elected for a second consecutive term. Notably, Prime Minister Modi will be the first international leader to meet Macron after the latter was re-inducted as French president.

Image: Twitter/@narendramodi

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