Painting the World with Divine Light – Artist, Therapist Shree Upadhyaya

When she began her young career in the performing arts, not only did she play a protagonist to shine a light on the cause of women’s safety and protection from harassment through the short film Denude, but she also attended a screening of the same at Warner Bros. THE.

Along with this, she was also covered in the print media in the famous British tabloid The Guardian highlighting the abolition of domestic violence.

Her influence both in the glamorous world and in social consciousness led her to become a semi-finalist of Miss India Universe (Miss Diva) 2016 from Mumbai but was unable to continue her pageant journey.

Throughout his career of 190 projects in theater, print and advertising with big brands like ICICI, MDH, Godrej, HDFCetc. she has always done her best to promote social causes and the welfare of mankind. His HDFC green campaign was about stopping the heavy use of paper and being more environmentally friendly by switching to digital use of banking services. His recent being a ShanMukha Agritech commercial promoting the use of organic fertilizers while expressing the plight of farmers, directed by National Award-winning cinematographer Mahesh Aaney.

But little did we know that not only was she inclined towards a career in the performing arts, but she also had a background in the healing arts of therapy and lightwork.

After completing her studies in Literature, Psychology and Drama in India and England as well as 3 years of healing therapy experience, she decided to create her own form of Lightwork Therapy through her Mystique brand after 6 years of training.

Patients and clients came to her with the most difficult situations in life and illness where she had a solution for every life situation through lightwork energy medicine. Although she learned from some prolific teachers, this self-healing modality from her local brand Mystique is mostly self-taught and self-researched. And with the steady rave reviews and high ratings for her work, we are nothing but in awe of the power of lightwork therapy.

After pursuing the self-healing modality of Lightwork Therapy throughout the pandemic and working on at least 100 people on her own, she realized that people needed movement and more fluidity with the body. ‘energy.

This is where her musical theater training came from Citylit, England, and she combined the discipline of healing therapy and acting to create her own style of Lightwork Drama Therapy. She has not only run a successful workshop called “PowerArt Therapy”, but has also started individual drama therapy sessions where her clients can release themselves through the art of catharsis, move and heal towards a brighter future.

The entrepreneurial side of Mystique deals with different protest journals, Ayurvedic medications for ADHD and positive merchandise t-shirts with uplifting messages. There is also a network of more energy workers, therapists and healers as a collaborative frontline with a private support group of clients to build a safe and harmonious spiritual community of Mystique.

We wish Shree Upadhyaya and her brand Mystique the best for all future endeavours.

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