Painting a picture of the past

In Gongmeijiayuan Community, Hongta District, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, mural painters add color to their work Nezha Conquers the Dragon King. [Photo/Xinhua]

A young girl making a shirt on a sewing machine, a child using a bamboo basket to catch a sparrow are just some of the images of a group in their thirties vividly painting the scenes of their childhood on the walls of ancient communities in the city of Yuxi in southwestern China. Yunnan province.

They started their work recently in Guifeng Community, Eshan Yi Autonomous County. The four painters selected a wall, mixed the paint, and prepared to paint a scene of a boy buying chewing gum from a street store.

Guifeng Community was built in the 1990s and has just been renovated. The roads are smooth and the streets clean. In addition to the residential buildings that still suggest the style of a bygone era, the supermarkets, gardens, public restrooms and community fitness areas are all newly built.

Since the end of 2019, Yuxi has renovated old urban communities, and the four mural painters were invited to participate. There are two men and two women in the team: Wang Jie, 35, has the best painting skills and is responsible for the most difficult facial details of the characters; Zhong Yansong and Liu Jin are the main strength of the team; Zhang Mengting is the “housekeeper”, responsible for business order and awareness.

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