Outfit ideas for that perfect lunch

Lunch dates with your boyfriend, fiancé, spouse, or even friends are always fun. But finding a balance between looking your best and being comfortable in our outfits on such dates is always a challenge, especially when it’s really hot outside. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a variety of outfit ideas that will make you feel your best while helping you escape the heat. Arushi Bhatia, Founder, Kapaas shares some quick salad dressing ideas.

One should generally prefer to wear light colored clothes on lunch dates as it has two advantages. One is that they trap less heat, keeping you cooler, and the other is that these garments make you look more vibrant and lively. For example, for a lunch date, a pastel-colored floral dress made from lightweight fabrics would look chic and cool. You can accessorize this dress with slides, sunglasses and a straw bag.

Do you want to put on a nice, comfortable and casual outfit? Then all you need is a pair of matching skirts and tank top and sneakers, or you can try a loose t-shirt dress. Don’t forget to add some great accessories to nail the carefree and cool aesthetic.

When it comes to a Sunday lunch date, there’s plenty of time to dress up, so why not make your dress more exciting by investing time and effort in bright colors, fun prints and unique designs. Plaid pants are always a yes.

What could be more elegant than a jumpsuit? A jumpsuit paired with sandals or an ankle boot is the icing on the cake. Bold sandals, of course, add liveliness to any ensemble.

Whether it’s skinny, straight, boyfriend or mom jeans, you can always use them to create a date-worthy ensemble. You can complete the look by wearing it with a casual shirt and block heels.

Are you scratching your head because you still haven’t found an outfit for your lunch? So how about trying neutral-toned wide-leg pants with a brightly colored tank top. You can dress it up with small hoops and a shoulder bag for a more elegant touch.

Avoid wearing these clothes for lunch: outfits that are too glittery because they are more appropriate for a night event, satin outfits because this fabric could give you sweat stains and dark colors like black. Velvet, polyester, lace and mesh are other fabrics that are water resistant and do not absorb sweat at all.

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