Nintendo Switch Port of Stanley Parable Changes Panda Paint to Mario Holding a Gun

Crows Crows Crows went above and beyond for the Nintendo Switch port of The Stanley Parable, even adding an in-game achievement system to poke fun at achievement hunters in a way that’s authentic and true to the original. But it also doesn’t care what console it’s on.

There are little tweaks like moments where the narrator mentions what platform you’re on, saying “PlayStation” or “Switch”, but there are also little Easter eggs like a painting of a panda with a gun pointed at his head in the boss’ office. Normally it’s just that, and you’ve probably never noticed it, but on Switch the hand holding the gun is subtly swapped with Mario’s, his big white glove and all.

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You can see the red sleeve of his shirt – Mario is after that poor panda. And it caught people’s attention after Crows Crows Crows shared a post on Tumblr claiming to have discovered this little secret, asking, “Is it real?” You are the developer – you tell me. But other detectives fired up the game to find out, finding out that yes, Mario is after that poor panda.

In other versions, the man holding the gun is a generic businessman. Or it could be Mario in one of his many Odyssey suits but, for legal reasons, he’s just a generic businessman. It’s only Mario – or at least, Mario-like – in the Switch version. I’m sure the narrator can find a way out of this legal quicksand.

This has many more now flocking to the game on Switch and other platforms, trying to find other potential small differences and easter eggs. Maybe there is a unique reference to the PlayStation port somewhere. Or maybe there isn’t. Perhaps the only reference and change is Mario pointing a gun at a panda.

This insane hunt most certainly resembles Stanley Parable, which it leads anywhere. But if you want to find out, you can always start the game and run it side by side with another device, checking every little detail. Just know that there is no reward.

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