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Also known as millennials, millennials are individualistic when it comes to their style choices and although they are fashion-conscious, they stick to tried-and-true pieces that make them look and feel their best. the trend of fuss-free outfits they can’t let go. Born in the 80s and 90s, millennials were a generation that saw fashion go global at an extremely rapid rate, which allowed them to experience first-hand the growing power of fashion, both globally and emotionally. .

The perfect hybrid between the golden years and the new age, in terms of lifestyle and style, millennials set out to set fashion trends and they are the biggest spenders when it comes to style and have helped the fashion industry tremendously. fashion to evolve. While sometimes they want to fit in with the new-age crowd, they stick to what makes them feel best when it comes to style and fuss-free outfits are one of them.

There has been a surge in the hassle-free dressing pandemic and the trend is here to stay. We recommend easy to coordinate sets and kaftan-inspired dresses as the easiest way to create a refined and chic look, without spending a lot of effort on dressing and of course, always in fabrics that are easy to wash and care for. .

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, designer Riddhi Mehra called the hassle-free outfits “easy, electric and charismatic for the T, outfits that talk without creating noise”. She suggested the following outfit ideas for those who like to go for a no-fuss approach to fashion:

1. A flowing dress – Floating dresses set the mood with their dressy and effortless elements. Dressing for dressier occasions, rely on dazzling, lightweight silhouettes that are a perfect blend of flirty and elegant aesthetics.

2. The Cool Kaftans – Add a touch of chic to your holiday outfits or weekly rotations with stunning kaftans, easy to slip on and effortlessly flaunt.

3. Put jazz in combinations – Slip into effortless splendor that knows no bounds in combinations designed to turn heads.

4. Coordinated sets – The coordinated sets are ideal for taking over in style dressed in absolute comfort.

5. The humble kurta – A treat during the monsoon, handcrafted kurtas make a cool contemporary craft in your wardrobe, suitable for all seasons.

Designer Payal Chaddha of Gallery 2000 claimed that hassle-free outfits that don’t require a lot of effort have a place in the hearts of every millennial because no matter the occasion, we don’t like to feel limited. Some of the easy outfits she listed for hassle-free dressing are:

1. Coordinated sets – Nothing says it better than a pretty matching set. Easy to wear and effortless, it ensures your style quotient is intact.

2. Linen shirts with skinny pants – A pair of well-fitting tailored pants paired with linen shirts is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing. This combination of outfits ensures that the person is comfortable while looking stylish.

3. One Piece Dresses – One-piece dresses are the most casual outfit, whatever the season or the occasion. You can pair it with any accessory you want and you’re good to go.

4. Tailored Kurta and Skinny Pants – A tailored kurta with skinny pants made for such a comforting yet so heartwarming signet outfit.

5. Pencil skirts and top – Let your form do the talking. Pair these versatile pencil skirts with a casual shirt/bodysuit/top to keep your look comfy yet smart and casual.

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