Microsoft India launches Azure Blogathon which enables developers to share ideas and innovations

Microsoft India has launched the Azure Blogathon, a year-long technical blogging contest that allows users to share their experiences of building solutions on Azure.

Developers can share their ideas, learnings and innovations in the form of blogs and offer them the opportunity to become a developer community leader and win prizes, the company said.

Microsoft’s entry-level cloud developers, experienced Azure developers and students in science and technology fields will not only share their ideas but also motivate the developer community around the world, he added.


The competition will be divided into four quarters, with each quarter focusing on a different theme. The first term theme will be Azure-focused programming languages. With the key performance indicator (KPI) of conducting 25 high-quality blogs per quarter, a repository will be created by the end of June 2023.

Content will be collected until the last week of October, giving participants time to experiment with their blogging skills and submit quality content.

A panel of IT professionals will announce the winners the last week of each quarter. The top three Blogathon winners will receive a Surface Pro X, while the next 25 blog submissions will each receive an online voucher worth ₹2,000.


Additionally, the top 50 bloggers on the platform will receive special t-shirts and the author of each valid blog entry will receive an Azure certification exam voucher. The selected blogs will be published and serve to educate developers around the world to grow in building solutions on Azure, the company said.

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