Max Mayfield Stranger Things Season 4

We’ve rounded up some cosplay ideas for Max Mayfield stranger things Season 4. Since its release in 2016, stranger things has won over 65 awards and 175 nominations. Introduced in the second season, Maxine Mayfield, played by Sadie Sink, is one of the main characters of stranger things and a fan favorite.

Max Mayfield season 4 outfit

One of the most recognizable outfits Max wears this season is the Baby blue zipped jacketwhite checked shirt with a red ringer necklacejeans, burgundy vansand a blue pet. And of course we can’t forget his signature Red hair.

stranger things collaborated with Quick Silver to create a Maximum collection it makes cosplaying Maxine much easier. Unfortunately, most of the collection is already sold out on the Quicksilver website. But there are still some left in various department stores and retailers. You can try finding a jacket in a similar color and using fabric paint to add the yellow and white accents. Or you can grab Max Mayfield Stranger Things inspired cosplay replicas from costume sites like Takerlama.

Maxine Mayfield cosplay replicates cosplays from costume sites like Takerlama.

A fun accessory for Max would be her walkman and helmet which she uses to fight Vecna.

Stranger Things Season 4 Reference Photos

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