Kirkland Arts Center offers character drawing and painting for teens

KIRKLAND, WA – The Kirkland Arts Center (KAC) reminds local residents that its “Expressive Figure for Teenagers” course begins a month from Wednesday and spots are still available.

The class will be held from 2 to 5 p.m. every Saturday from April 16 to June 4 at the School and Art Gallery, located at 620 Market Street. Tuition is $301.50 for members and $335 for non-members, and necessary art supplies are included. Registration can be done online.

The students in the class will draw and paint.

The course begins with the study of the human figure, using live (dressed) models. Students will also learn the basics of drawing, line, shape, outline and pattern, according to organizers.

Chiaroscuro, the study of light and dark, will be covered, as well as understanding scales of value.

Organizers said students will also compose a life-size self-portrait on large sheets of paper and will use collage, drawing, painting, collage, projection, fabric and other techniques and materials to complete a “self diary”.

The course will be taught by Cooper Lanza, who has been painting and drawing for over 55 years.

Lanza worked in Seattle as a decorative finisher and scenic artist and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance Production and a Masters of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing.

More details about the course are available on the KAC website.

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