Kevin Owens explains his new WWE shirt design

Kevin Owens’ new shirt for the WWE Shop isn’t typical wrestling merchandise. It wasn’t exactly a mistake.

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens is shameless himself. That’s why, besides his incredible talent in the ring, so many of his fans are drawn to him. He’s never afraid to speak his mind, whether it’s to elevate his friends, denounce WWE’s authority, praise his rivals or disparage his greatest adversary, the State of Texas.

RELATED: Bully Ray Slams WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Liv MorganRecently, Kevin Owens released some new merchandise for him on the WWE Online Store. New items included a pair of black basketball shorts and a shirt. The shorts are a pretty standard design, but the t-shirt, which features a big fierce-looking panda, raised a few eyebrows.


pandas rule

Yesterday Kevin Owens took to Twitter to explain how his new t-shirt came to be. He described a conversation that took place between him and a guy named Joe, who presumably works on WWE’s merchandise design team. The encounter can effectively be summed up by Kevin saying he wanted a panda on his shirt “because pandas rule!”

A little later, Kevin Owens followed his initial tweet with an update about his new shirt:

Also available in youth sizes!

Make your kids love me by buying them this shirt.

-Kevin Owens on Twitter

Kevin Owens has always had a love for pandas, even before he came to WWE. Some of his t-shirts from his run as an independent wrestler featured pandas. In that sense, this shirt can be seen as a throwback to Kevin’s days as Kevin Steen. With his new shirt, Kevin made it clear he’s still the zoo enthusiast and panda fan he always was.

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