Independence Day 2022 Costume Ideas: From Bhagat Singh to Mahatma Gandhi, dress your kids as national heroes to win hearts and compete

India’s Independence Day is celebrated on August 15 every year. It is a day for all of us to remember the freedom fighters who fought and sacrificed their lives for the country. Independence Day is celebrated across the country in different ways. Streets, schools, offices, etc. are decorated with the tricolor flag and various competitions and events are organized. Costume contests are held in many schools on this day. As you celebrate Independence Day 2022, we at LastLY organized some fancy dress contest ideas, from Bhagat Singh to Mahatma Gandhi, to help the kids win hearts that day. Win school contests with these dress up ideas on August 15

Bhagat Singh

Knowing India’s freedom struggle, you certainly cannot miss Bhagat Singh as the ultimate example of bravery, vision and sacrifice. All you need is a black hat and a fake mustache. For the rest, a normal shirt and pants would do. Also, don’t forget to teach your child the slogan of Inqilab Zindabad! as you dress him as Bhagat Singh.

Jhansi Ki Rani

Dress up your little girl in a Maharashtrian style saree with traditional jewelry and get her a sword and shield to dress her up as Jhansi ki Rani. It is impossible to forget the sacrifices of the brave woman during the Mutiny of the Sepoys of 1857.

Pandit Nehru

This is the easiest way to dress up your child for Independence Day. All you need is white kurta pajamas, nehru jacket, rose flower and cap to feel good. And your child is ready for the costume contest dressed as Chacha Nehru.

Bharat Mata

Dress your daughter in a white sari and drape her in a tricolor dupatta. You can also add a crown on her gold colored head to add to the look of her Independence Day 2022 Costume Contest.

Mahatma Ghandi

Wrap a white dhoti, apply a nude shade of skin color on the head to give a bald look and your child is ready like Mahatma Gandhi. It’s very easy to dress your child as the Father of the Nation for his Independence Day fancy dress contest.

India endured British rule for nearly 200 years and finally gained its independence on August 15, 1947. Since then, every year this day is celebrated as Independence Day in the country and national celebrations are held . One of the best and funniest ways to celebrate the day is to organize costume contests in schools. Don’t forget to dress your child in the best outfit possible for a costume contest on independence day 2022.

I wish everyone a Happy Independence Day 2022!

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