Ideas for horseback riding, hiking, yoga, etc.

In general, I’m not a summer person. I don’t like sweating through my white t-shirts; I prefer pants to shorts. My skin is very sensitive to the sun, and no matter how much SPF I rub on it, I’m quick to burn and peel. And don’t even get me started on aggressive office air conditioning! That said, however, I’m a summer camp nobody – largely because of my undying love for summer camp outfits. Sweatshirts for cool, damp mornings? Colorful arts and crafts necklaces stacked en masse? Thick, clunky boots for a walk in the woods? I want to wear everything.

Of course, dressing for any outdoor excursions in your 30s is a different beast than it was two decades ago. For starters, I care a lot more about looking cute and coordinated for any deck activity, whether it’s horseback riding, hiking, or (more likely) staying at the lodge and eating frozen grapes while I chat. . And as a fashion editor, I find part of the fun is putting together an outfit that works for the task at hand, but still looks good on the gram.

“When dressing for a camping trip, hike or any other outdoor adventure, comfort is key,” says designer and happy campmate Eleanore Haycock. His athleisure line Year of ours is filled with the kind of elevated throw-and-go pieces one would want on hand when roughing (or glamping) in the wilderness while trying to recreate the carefree days of kids’ slumber camp. “When I think of ‘summer camp style,’ I think of all the diapers your parents would put you in before sending you out for the day or the week,” she continues. “As an adult, I think layers are still key, but I swap the baggy t-shirt for a sports bra and pair it with running shorts. Add a light windbreaker [like our] field jacket that easily rolls up into a bag and a wide-brimmed bucket hat for sun projection.

For Outdoor Voices CEO Gab Conforti, summer camp style is less a look and more a free spirit. “It’s about being carefree and having fun, about unleashing fitness from performance in the truest sense of the word,” she says, emphasizing the need for comfort and cool sportswear – or just anything that can stand up to a day of physical activity. “Feeling good about yourself and what you’re wearing is what helps you know you’re on the right track.”

Of course, putting together the perfect camper wardrobe is only half the battle: you also need the right gear to go with it. My current top picks are courtesy of Away travel brandwhose recently launched FAR—For All Routes range offers the ultimate stylish yet durable duffle bags, backpacks, pouches and packing cubes to store your entire camping wardrobe (that you’ll still want to use after the trip ).

“At Away, we pride ourselves on striking the right balance between form and function; ensuring that all of our products are not only useful and reliable, but also an extension of his personal style,” says Luigi Auricchio, the company’s vice president of design. When creating the products, which use responsibly sourced and recycled materials, his team took care to balance practicality with a sporty, photo-ready aesthetic. “Historically in the outdoor category, function has eclipsed style, so we’ve been delighted to offer our customers a range of bags that prioritizes both.” The result? Sneaky, smart details (think internal compression systems and hidden but assessable pockets) plus bright colors and clean, modern lines.

As for what, exactly, am I packing inside? Keep scrolling through five looks on my current camp girl moodboard, all related to a different activity I’m planning on doing this summer.

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I don’t know about you, but if I manage to get through a boat trip – whether by canoe, kayak or sail – without falling into the water or being hit by a sail or oar, I consider it is a success. All that to say: I care a lot more about getting a fun photo than getting to a planned destination or winning a race on the waves. Luckily, these comfy (mostly — you might consider a bikini top under the sweatshirt) moisture-resistant pieces can handle more than a few spills in the process.

outdoor yoga

What is the difference between outdoor yoga and regular yoga? Once you’ve tried the first, it’s hard to go back to the second. Dress for the occasion like you would for a studio class (hello, matching set), but make sure you have a roomy, durable tote on hand to carry a mat, a bottle of water and a post-workout snack.


Sure, I could suggest a pair of leggings and a cropped t-shirt here, but isn’t that a bit obvious? Instead, try a stretchy, supportive exercise dress layered with an oversized button down and sturdy hiking boots and you’ll have the same ease of movement, but look way cuter in front of the camera.

Ride a horse

Thicker pants, like jeans, are important if you plan on sitting in the saddle for long periods of time (read: less chafing), but thankfully they’re also great for showing off a pair of Western-style boots ( a bit of a heel will help keep you secure in the stirrups). As for a bag, I’d recommend something small and hands-free – just think big enough for your phone and hand sanitizer.

Hang around the campsite

Now onto my favorite part of any camping experience: playing with fellow campers, munching on gorp, and bonding. For these evenings, I would opt for a loungewear look that I could easily transform by swapping sweaters for jeans or bike shorts if/when necessary.

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