How to solve the Champion’s Song painting (harp bow)

The Harp Bow hidden weapon in Elden Ring is acquired by finding the location of the Champion’s Song painting in the Atlus Plateau region.

The harp bow is one of the most elegantly designed bows Ring of Elden, and it can be obtained by solving the Champion’s Song painting in the Shady Castle on the Atlus Plateau. The shady castle is surrounded by a toxic swamp, located in the northern part of the region, between Mount Gelmir and Leyndell, the royal capital.

To reach the castle, Terni must travel north from the Great Dectus Lift to the end of the valley trail. Those attempting to enter the area from the northern hilltops can travel south on the Road of Iniquity west of Mirage Rise. Here players will find two Spiritspring jumps to land safely in the deep canyon below. Once they get to the bottom, they can continue the path north until they reach the Shady Castle. While Torrent can be ridden outside the castle walls, keep in mind that players must walk on foot once they enter the outer room.


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The toxic swamps surrounding the fort will inflict Poison on the player. Therefore, it would be a good idea to carry several neutralizing boluses or memorize the Cure Poison incantation. Additionally, the outer defenses of the castle are slugs, corrupted monks, and zombified humanoids. Therefore, cross the area with caution.

Location of the Harp Bow in the Elden Ring

Location of the Harp Bow in the Elden Ring

The Champion’s Song painting is located on the northeast side of the exterior walls. Tarnishes will recognize the area once they see a long rock leading to a small pit with several enemies next to a submerged house. Enter the second floor of the ruined house to interact with the painting. Once the exam is complete, players should head to an area near the outer walls of Leyndell, north of the main gate. However, fast traveling from the Shadowed Castle can be tricky, as most nearby enemy mobs are particularly slow but can sustain their aggro for a long duration. As a result, players are recommended to go to Grace’s location at the Shadowed Castle Ramparts to reset enemy hostility in Ring of Elden.

To get to the location of the Harp Arch, travelers must head southeast from the Road of Iniquity toward Stormcaller Church. Be careful not to stray too far south of the trail, as players may encounter Ancient Dragon Lansseax. Atop a cliff near the Rampartside Path, adventurers will find the ghost artist sitting gazing at a statue before vanishing. Pick up the item left to receive the harp bow in Ring of Elden.

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Ring of Elden is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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