Here are some secret painting tricks every beginner should know

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Do you think not everyone can become an artist? Well, that’s not true because anyone who became an artist was once a beginner. It’s just that if you’re willing to do it, nothing can stop you. And so today we have tips for painting beginners.

1) Know the basics

It is very important to know the basics before doing anything concrete. Because as there is a saying “For a tree not to fall the stems must be strong” even if you have a good base it can last or it will lead to many breaks.

2) Keep the best

You should never compare yourself to anyone, everyone’s path is different just like yours and you should just give your best result.

3) Take criticism wisely

Don’t get angry when someone criticizes you. Take it as a lesson in improvement. And keep working hard.

4) Draw smart

If you are a beginner, take your time and think about what you think and what you want to represent.

5) Use your imagination

Unleash your creativity and create the image in your painting. Try all your thoughts.

6) Never stop

You should never stop when you fail to do, keep learning and improving the artist within you.

7) Don’t make excuses

Don’t make excuses and do what needs to be done.

8) Read books

Not only art-related books you should read, but fictional stories will increase your viewing.

9) Be realistic

Don’t get into fancy stuff, be realistic and portray the reality that people like.

10) Don’t be afraid to try new things

Don’t limit yourself to just one thing, try everything you like and imagine.

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