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Cropped tops, jumpsuits or turtlenecks, and other such styles definitely fall into the “fashionable category” and are a great choice for most occasions. There are days when you feel like going all out with your outfit, while some days all you want to wear is a huge loose shirt. Regardless of your body structure, a simple oversized shirt can be a game-changer if worn correctly. From Janhvi Kapoor to Khole Kardashian, many a-listers have been spotted flaunting this trend. And why not! An oversized shirt is comfortable, fashionable and versatile. However, dressing an oversized shirt can be tricky; no one wants to appear as if they are about to go to bed.

At ONLY you can find a smart collection of oversized shirts rendered in various hues and designed in original prints. To help you look chic instantly, we’ve got five simple yet chic ways to flaunt an oversized shirt.

The shirt-jacket hybrid is very trendy and a favorite style of many. You can wear it on anything and everything. Layer it over your jeans and t-shirts or after a swim over your bikini. And, if you’re looking for something a little more formal, throw it over a collared dress and amp it up with a belt.

You don’t want to break your head? Do not worry! Take your oversized shirt and put it on like a dress. Simple, right? You can wear bold stockings and boots to complete the look if it’s winter. Otherwise, chunky sneakers and high heels also enhance the whole outfit. Preferably opt for a baggy shirt in a solid hue. This way, unwanted jewelry can add an edge to it.

If you don’t like to wear your loose shirt too much like a jacket, you can wear it as a first layer under another top. Take your tube top and wear it over your oversized shirt. This gives a dramatic effect to the sleeves and a twist to the top layer. For the bottoms, you can choose jeans, skater skirts or straight pants.

Look candle and fun! Pair your oversized shirt with biker shorts or cycling shorts for a relaxed and dynamic outfit. Comfortable, casual and chic. Whether it’s your Sunday lunch, brunch or dinner, you can enjoy your day wearing this outfit as it is both casual and noteworthy.

There is enough room to go off the shoulder with your oversized shirt. You can also go down one shoulder with these shirts and pair them with long skirts or flared pants. Accessorize it with minimalist earrings and shoes, and you’re good to go!

It was not so easy! If you are looking for trendy oversized shirts, your search ends here. ONLY offers a wide range of oversized shirts that you can select and add to your cart. Moreover, they also offer great deals and discounts on their website. But if you doze off, you lose. So hurry up! Discover them now.

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