Football jersey design in colors of your choice

Start with a color sheet

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Create the shirt template

It’s also a good idea to take a look at the YouTube channel. To find out, all you have to do is go to YouTube, type in “Alan and Barry” and it will pop up for you.

We know how popular football is in the UK and around the world.

This free download is specially for all football fans and friends and family of football fans.

In the download you will get everything you need to create a soccer jersey box. We’ve included a number of popular team colors, even including soccer balls with different team colors.

Put the shirt template on a colored sheet

The first thing you need to do is print the papers you want to use – choose the design and you can also choose the card or paper you want to print on

You must also print the size of the model you wish to use – we will use the medium and large

Glue all the pieces in place

Then cut out the template and place it on whatever background paper you are using, just secure it with a bit of tape

You will now notice on the template that there are dotted lines and straight lines – the straight lines are where you cut and the dotted lines should be marked with an embossing tool or an empty ball point pen as these are the ones you you will bend

Glue the final pieces in place

When you have cut out the template you can bend where all the creases are, which will help if you use a ruler or something flat which will help you get a really good crease.

So you’ll end up with two of the boxes of shirts with flaps at the bottom – just fold them over and put a little glue on each side, then glue them together.

Then you can glue the two halves of the box together using a dab of glue on just one of the inner flaps on the three sides.

Glue the two boxes together and wait until they are well glued

Then you have the finished shirt box.

Depending on the size of the model you use, you can fill it with anything from candies to gifts

Have fun making this project and with all the different football background color schemes we offer, you should be able to mix and match to match your teams.

Now get creative and enjoy your crafting!

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