Fall Outfit Ideas: What’s Trending for Fall 2022?

As the temperatures turn cool and chilly, the leaves change color, and everything pumpkin spice is in stock, it’s time to open up your fall wardrobe. However, this season, fall is taking a fun turn in the fashion world.

Here’s a look at upcoming trends and what to buy to look fabulous this fall.

What’s trending this fall?

big pants

We’ve come a long way since the era of skinny jeans, and since the trend of mom jeans, wide, wide-leg pants have remained in vogue. Baggy jeans, relaxed jeans, draped pants and cargo pants will be in the spotlight this season according to Vogue and Style Caster.

How to style:
  • With a blazer.
  • Basic or graphic top with leather jacket.
  • With a big sweater or an oversized t-shirt.


Ballet flats are a fashion comeback in this season’s trends. It may come as a shock and with a little panic, but don’t worry, these drop flats are going to be a step up from the early 2000s. Marie Claire gives wonderful inspiration for how to wear them this season.

The ballerina flats 2022 trend offers different colors, additional straps and hardware to give them a modern edge and intriguing designs.

How to style:
  • Wear square-toed ballet flats with pants.
  • Black and white flats with a dress.
  • To wear with a simple dress or a midi skirt.
  • Lace up flats to make a statement with an outfit.

Bright colors

This trend may seem contrary to traditional fall shades of browns, reds and neutrals, but it will be on trend this season according to Vogue. Lime green, orange and hot pink should dominate this fall.

Trendy bright colors are fitting for another upcoming trend – color blocking. According to The Trend Spotter, mixing bright and bold colors defies the days when “contrasting colors are a fashion faux pas”. This season, mixes of shades and duo-chrome outfits will be on the agenda.

How to style:
  • Brightly colored costumes.
  • Brightly colored coats or jackets.
  • Colored platforms.
  • Brightly colored tops and pants.
  • Colorful accessories.

Bomber jackets

Another piece that returns this fall, the bomber jacket. Marie Clair reported that all fall runways used bomber jackets on the catwalk. Maybe it’s a throwback to the 2010s or Top Gun?

Either way, these on-trend jackets will elevate any outfit on a chilly fall day. Consider buying a chunky patterned or embellished bomber to add flavor to your fall basics.

How to style:

  • Wear with a long dress or midi skirt.
  • Wear over a graphic or basic tee.
  • Wear a colorful jacket with another bold color (stick to mixing warm or cool tones separately to enhance color blocking).

Textured knits

According to Vogue, “saturated, caressable knits” will be in the game this season. Wool knits, mohair, scraggly knits and other textures are going to be trending.

how to style
  • Textured knit with jeans and boots.
  • Sweater with midi skirt.
  • Wear with leather pants and black boots.


Leather jackets, coats, bags, shoes, pants, dresses, leather from head to toe! Marie Clare, Vogue and The Trend Spotter all predict that anything leather will be a fashion hit come fall. The runways have opted for an all-leather look, but for everyday fashion, spice up an outfit with a leather piece or accessory.

How to style:
  • Add a leather jacket.
  • Leather pants with a basic top and a jacket (could use a leather jacket).
  • Jeans and a simple t-shirt with a leather bag.

Minimum basics

The basics and the minimalist look will continue to be a trend this season. Look for styles like button-down shirts and tailored blazers to elevate an outfit.

How to style:
  • Simple shirt with a trendy item.
  • Buttoned shirt and jeans.
  • Jeans, simple t-shirt and blazer.
  • Open the button down and dress with a pair of loafers.

Max length

Several fashion sites, including Vogue, Who What Wear and Refinery 29, have touched on the long hemline trend. Watch out for long dresses and skirts this season.

How to style:
  • Simple maxi dress with a leather jacket or bomber jacket.
  • Maxi in satin with a sweater layered on top.
  • Layer a maxi dress with a fall classic, a turtleneck basic.


If you haven’t jumped on this trend yet, then it’s time. Loafers will continue to be a trend this fall and can add a beautiful element to a fall ensemble.

How to style:

  • Moccasins with a suit set.
  • With a dress.
  • Long skirt and moccasins.

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