Effortless Family Easter Photo Ideas

Getting everyone together to take photos on vacation can be a daunting task. Matching colors, patterns and finding the right backdrop can create more stress than it’s worth. As such, this Easter takes the stress out of family photos. Don’t plan too much. Instead, take an effortless Easter photo that doesn’t require everyone to come together.

Vacations are a time when many family photos are taken because this is when it is most often assured that generations of family will be in the same space at the same time. But, with the family wanting to get together, kids participating in egg hunts or looking at Easter baskets, or even coordinating once to get everyone together for a picture can take all the fun out of the day. . That’s why family Easter photos should be taken when everyone is there, in a festive mood, and all that matters are the smiles on everyone’s faces.

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Here are some effortless family Easter photo ideas that just require getting everyone together.

11 farm life

For families lucky enough to live on a farm or visit family over Easter, many animals are having or have had babies. As such, if mothers are trusting and not distressed when babies are taken away from them momentarily, taking a photo shoot with the family and some baby animals is a perfect Easter photo that requires little effort.

ten An elegant backdrop

Whether indoors or outdoors, often what makes a great photo is the backdrop. And the less detail there is in the backdrop, the better it will make everyone in the photo shine.

From wooden doors with a bit of character to brickwork to walls with a simplistic color, anything will work when taking an Easter photo. All that is needed are the subjects for the photo to be complete.

9 Porch Pleasure

At Easter, many people choose to decorate their porches in some way. Whether with seasonal flowers, bunnies or eggs, all are beautiful accents on the porch. But even for those who don’t, the porch is a great spot for a family photo.

Front porches usually have a framed look. As such, the setting is already done as to how the image itself will be framed. All the family needs to do is stand in the porch area which gives a finished look to the picture and an Easter photo is done in a snap.

8 Beautiful backyard poses

With Easter in spring, flowers come alive with their vibrant colors and textures. And for those with flowering bulbs or trees springing back to life after a long winter in their garden, it’s a picturesque setting for an Easter photo.

Along with the pastel colors that make up Easter, the blooming flowers currently match the color palette of a “T”. Add a few smiley faces on Easter Sunday and a memorable image will be captured.

7 smiles say it all

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the background if those are the things you’re focusing on. Especially those who are smiling and happy to be together to celebrate this festive holiday.

A huge, sincere smile can make a picture complete, no matter the backdrop or scenery happening in the background. So focus on those happy faces, blur what’s going on behind everyone else, and some great memories to remember will have been captured.

6 smiles in the grass

If there’s no background that seems to work for an Easter photo, think outside the box. Instead of staying vertical, place everyone horizontal!

A creative and fun picture to take on Easter is to have everyone lying face to face in a circle on the grass. Everyone will laugh creating this image, which means the smiles will be genuine. And when people remember Easter, that image will come up in conversations for years to come.

5 Pre-Easter Egg Hunt Excitement

Children’s faces are at their most excited just before they’re ready to go get their Easter eggs with all the treasures inside. As such, grab the family, put the kids in front with their Easter baskets, and let their faces shine. It is guaranteed to bring a wonderful Easter image to life.

4 Funny faces are always a favorite

If, at the time of the photo, the family seems less than thrilled to put on their happy faces to take a picture, play with the mood. Ask everyone to go silly and make funny faces instead!

When people leave their cheerful side for photos, many great photos are captured without even trying. As such, let people go wild. By the time they pull out all their boobies, they might just be ready to take that desired traditional shot. But don’t be surprised if the less traditional ones end up being the favorites!

3 Cuddles on the sofa

If there are multi-generational family members attending Easter, a great way to capture everyone in the photo is to use the couch. Not only does it help those who have trouble getting up or standing for long periods of time, it also allows for hugs. Something that’s always adorable to capture in a vacation photo.

2 Huddles on the stairs

Stairs, by nature, make for dramatic backdrops for photographs. But by using them casually, they allow everyone to step into a photo that will look professional. And beyond making sure the stairs are clear of clutter, there’s nothing that needs to be prepared for the Easter photo shoot on the stairs.

1 Beautiful in front of the leaves

With their brilliant green color at this time of year, for those with tall bushes full of leaves, they make a perfect backdrop for a springtime Easter photo.

There are very few colors that collide with green when taking a photo. The only exception may be if someone is wearing a shirt that matches the color of the leaves. And if so, that’s an easy fix. There just needs to be enough color space between the leaves and the clothing via another person so that no one gets lost in the effortless Easter family photo taken on Sunday.

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