Did a German art thief lose the painting she stole?

On April 27, a woman walked into the Huelsmann Museum in Bielefeld, Germany, and came out with a 461-year-old painting. The artwork in question was that of Pieter Aertsen Portrait of a young womanwhich was completed in 1561. As to the woman’s motives, however, the application of the law was unclear.

A lot of flight coverage focused on what reports called the apparent thief’s “surprisingly attractive” appearance. But having an image of what she looked like published in the media did not help efforts to locate the painting. Now, a new twist in the case has answered some questions while raising others.

As ART news revealed in a new article, a woman came forward and confessed to the crime. The report does not reveal her name, only that she is 31 years old. She did indeed steal the painting, she told authorities – but she lost it later the same day.

According to the article, someone who knows the woman searched her apartment in an attempt to find the lost painting; they couldn’t do it. Although there is now a convicted culprit for the theft of the painting, the motives behind it remain unclear.

And there’s an even bigger question looming: where exactly is Aertsen’s painting now?

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