Creative Outfit Ideas We’d Love To See At Weddings

Long, flowy dresses and suits are nice, but it’s 2022. It’s getting boring. We recently saw crochet wedding dresses and we are delighted. Here are some other things we’d love to see couples wear this year.


If you’re getting married in church, we don’t see why you should wear anything other than armor. Yep, we’re talking about the full steel cup slapped across the chest and wielding a shield. Full armor of God energy? Let’s go.

ashawo miniskirts and shorts

It’s your big day, so your goal should be to leave an impression. What better way to channel your main character’s energy than with the outfit that makes you feel your sexiest?

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Matching t-shirts

Because why should “his and hers” and “I can’t breathe without you” t-shirts stop at engagement photo shoots?

clown outfit

Just because you have to dress the role. You didn’t just fall in love; you kept planning happily ever after in this economy. Mtcheww, two clowns.

pants pants

Yes, we want to see the bride and groom wearing pants around the house. E for equality.

white clothes

Because wedding dresses are cliché. Also, white signifies purity, and even though you’re both unrepentant fornicators, you can at least pretend until you start believing.


Wouldn’t it be nice to be free? You always say how stressful wearing clothes is, so please go about it as you are. Adam and Eve did it, so why not you?

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