Baby Shower Ideas Baby Boomers Can Share With Millennials

If a word captures the spirit of to be a modern millennialis the “meaning”. Manufacturers, marketers and social media influencers know that to resonate with millennials, their offerings must be imbued with this quality. Millennials value these goals when looking for jobs, choosing businesses they want to support, and finding housing. Meaning also dominates the traditions and rituals that enrich their lives and help create memories. For many couples who are expecting a child, a question that arises at some point in their pregnancy is: “How can we immerse key events such as our baby shower, the birth of our child and their first days, in the meaning” ? If you are a baby boomer with a millennial loved one who wants to celebrate a special baby shower, you can share the following ideas with them.

Show gratitude to loved ones

The pandemic has done much to encourage human beings to revalue ideals like family and solidarity, because so many families have been torn apart by travel restrictions, regulations on social gatherings and, of course, stay-at-home mandates in early 2020. Today, small groups of family and friends are excited to share company again on the other, to spend quality time together and thank each other for the value they bring to each other’s lives. Today’s baby showers are marked by this feeling of gratitude, with some parents choosing to thank each guest in a special way. This can be done through a personalized letter or card, video or speech.

Increase the pleasure factor

Who said baby showers were all about opening diaper cakes or consuming copious amounts of petit fours? Today’s parents place more emphasis on fun and laughter when delighting guests with baby shower activities like games, karaoke and dancing. One activity that will keep guests on their toes includes the Baby Twister Balloon, in which guests place a balloon under their shirts and attempt to get into as many hilarious positions as they can on a Twister board. More fun games include telling embarrassing baby stories (each guest tells a story about themselves when they were a baby), naming the tune (with the word “baby” in it), and decorating a trash can or baby onesie. Each guest can decorate an item of clothing with meaningful messages and symbols.

share your heart

A baby shower is a great opportunity for guests to share the ideas and values ​​that give meaning to their lives. If your loved one is throwing a small party, this is a great opportunity to ask each guest to talk about an idea, tip, or book they would recommend to your baby. Ask someone to film the discussions so your loved one can remember and reminisce about them at key times in their child’s life.

Baby showers have changed considerably since their inception, parents taking the opportunity to organize the party together and give meaning to their events. This can be achieved by making guests important and allowing them to share their thoughts and inner wishes for the new child. Of course, there’s no reason your shower shouldn’t be so fun. Customers can play a few games, sing karaoke songs or dance to celebrate the momentous occasion looming on the horizon.

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