An Elden Ring fan shows off an impressive painting of Malenia

Ring of Elden is a challenging game with many challenging bosses for players to face. Some gamers consider it more accessible than other FromSoftware games, but it has its fair share of demanding boss fights. Some users even think that we Ring of Elden boss is the hardest among FromSoftware games.

The boss in question is Malenia, Blade of Miquella, and players can encounter her at the end of an endgame area named Elphael. Malenia is a two-phase boss fight with a unique element. Her basic attacks heal her, even if the player blocks, so Ring of Elden users must master dodging to prevent him from regaining HP. Malenia has developed a sizable following due to its design, lore, and difficulty of combat, among other reasons. Many players have shared several beautiful pieces of Malenia fan art, and one painting is perhaps the most impressive of them all.


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A Reddit user named -tyranosaurus- uploads a stunning Malenia painting to the Ring of Elden subreddit. It shows Malenia wielding her katana, known as the Hand of Malenia, in her majestic second form. One of her most iconic abilities, which summons a giant flower and spreads scarlet rot in the surrounding area, is beautifully showcased in the paint. Players can acquire the Katana or Incantation by exchanging its memory at the round table. Other Ring of Elden characters, such as Mohg, also appear, and players can even see “Let Me Solo Her” on the right side.

This painting was made by the same user who shared a great Radahn Festival painting. There are many similarities between the two in terms of layout and style, which probably helped other Reddit users recognize and connect the pieces. Some players have also mentioned that the Radahn Festival paint has been their wallpaper for weeks.

Many users point out the incredible level of detail and small touches present in the Ring of Elden painting, and there’s an in-depth discussion of its design later in the comments. Some fans recommended the user to start selling the paintings, before others pointed out that they mention their Patreon profile in the lower right corner.

Many fans shared artwork featuring Malenia and others Ring of Elden characters on various social media platforms. For example, this fan art shows a mechanical version of Malenia, while another player combines her with Princess Zelda from the The Legend of Zelda series. Given how popular Malenia is, it would be fair to expect some excellent paintings and fan art to be shared online in the coming months.

Ring of Elden is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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