A man dressed as a woman smears a Mona Lisa cake as shocked visitors watch rose petals spread

New Delhi: A man disguised himself as a woman in a wheelchair and smeared cake on the famous Mona Lisa painting on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris. If Leonardo da Vinci’s painting is protected by a glass envelope, this did not prevent the man from sticking cake cream on it.

According to Marca, a Spanish news outlet, eyewitnesses said the person in the wheelchair who was a man wearing a wig, suddenly got up, walked through the barricade and tried to destroy the bulletproof glass enclosure, but it didn’t work, so he threw cake cream on it before sprinkling rose petals all over it just before being accosted by security personnel.

Everything was filmed and visitors continued to take photos and videos of the entire sequence.

However, the Italian Renaissance painting remained unscathed because of the protective envelope where the man coated the cake. No one knows how the person smuggled the cake into the museum.

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As he was escorted by security, the man shouted, “Some people are trying to destroy the earth, think of the earth!” Pledge Times, Spanish media reported. While the incident took place in one of the busiest rooms, the matter did not escalate and the man was escorted out of the museum while staff cleaned the display case.

There have been several attempts to steal or deface the painting. In 1911 the painting was stolen and disappeared for three years. A man threw sulfuric acid in the 1950s, which damaged the paint, due to which the paint is kept in a glass case.

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