6 TikTok paint hacks you wish you knew sooner

Starting a DIY renovation? Keep things clean and crisp with TikTok’s best paint hacks.

Finding the right paint colors can be fun, but all the prep work? Not really. Your furniture should be moved, a drop cloth should be laid down, and strip after strip of painter’s tape should go around every door and window frame, as well as the ceiling, bookshelves and any woodwork that lines your walls. Oh, one more thing: don’t forget to clean the walls well before painting.

Preparation takes so much time, when all you want to do is put a fresh coat of paint on the wall!

But the good news is that there are shortcuts, ones that cut prep time in half without skimping on quality. Before you start painting all the surfaces in your room, check out these painting hacks from the TikTok user @therenegadehome. She shared two videos with three paint hacks each, which means a total of six handy tips to make sure you never have a messy painting project again!

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1. Align your trim with a file folder

No need for extra painter’s tape here. Use a binder to keep things clean as you paint, especially in difficult, detailed areas like door frames and trim that connects to the floor or ceiling. You will need a binder, your brush and a steady hand. Place the folder between the areas you are painting and those you are not painting, and slide it along the surface as you go. The result? Clean lines, without the 45 minutes of applying painter’s tape beforehand.

See what the Property Brothers use instead of painter’s tape.

2. Keep the paint can tidy

Take all the painter’s tape are not put it on your wall and use it on your paint can. This can help prevent the painter’s pet peeve of a messy, paint-covered bucket and label. For this paint hack, take two strips of masking tape and join them at an angle around the top edges of the box. Secure them with a third strip, wrapped around the box just under the rim, and here! You end up with a DIY spout that makes it easy to pour and clean paint. When you’re done, remove the tape, cover it, and store it until next use.

FYI: Here are the paint colors to skip when choosing your palette.

3. Keep your brush clean

A paintbrush handle gets messy hands and stained clothes if you’re not careful. To prevent this, simply wrap tape around the base of your brush and the handle. If things start to get too messy during the process, you can either wipe off the excess paint with a towel or replace the tape as you go. And when you’re done with your project, simply tear off the tape to reveal an almost new brush, plus bristles.

If paint splashes on your sweater, here’s how to remove paint from clothing.

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4. Use a rubber band to wipe your brush

There’s nothing worse than trying to put a lid on a paint can with a dirty rim. To prevent this from happening, place a rubber band vertically around your bobbin, fitting it to the center of the bobbin. You can dip your brush and wipe it on the rubber band to get the paint straight back into the can.

If you somehow got paint on the floor, here’s how to remove the paint from the carpet.

5. Use fabric softener to clean your brushes

We never want our brushes to get crusty with paint, but sometimes water alone doesn’t do the best job of preventing that from happening. This trick solves this problem in a jiffy: mix a little fabric softener with a little water and let your brushes soak for an hour. They will look like new!

The curved part of this handy tool can be used to scrape off excess paint, making it easier to wash off the rest. It also works as a putty knife, scraper, gouge and paint can opener – is there anything this gadget can’t do? Look for a 6 in 1 tool like this before you start painting.

For more painting tips, check out the painting tips the Property Brothers swear by.

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