5 thoughtful gift ideas that they will never forget without breaking the bank

Whether it’s a friend or a simple employee in the office, choosing a gift for him can be a difficult experience, especially if you don’t know his preferences.

If you want a gift that will stand out and have sentimental value for them down the road, wanapix has the perfect solution. There are plenty of personalized gift options here, and the prices are amazing.

Stainless steel water bottle

In the wake of saving the environment, having a reusable water bottle gives you a head start in the game. You can take it anywhere and stop at refueling points when the water runs out.

This bottle has a water holding capacity of 500ml and can keep it hot or cold for hours despite the weather, thanks to the double-layer material used for its coating.

It is free of heavy metals and costs just under seventeen dollars, making it the perfect gift to give anyone without experiencing financial hardship. Just print their photos or the initials of their names, then wrap and wrap them in a decent gift bag, ready to show off.

custom apron

Whether you’re a man or a woman, chances are you spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen. The same goes for the person you are considering gifting.

This personalized apron from wanapix costs fifteen euros and comes in several choices, from children’s to embroidered denim to an assortment of colors.

It is made of Panama fabric, which makes it easy to clean in a washing machine. With the surface being 100% customizable, why not incorporate sentimental photos, and they’ll be sure to remember you every time they cook?

Beer glasses and mugs

If you’ve lived in Europe for a long time, you know that beer is an integral part of the culture here, especially in Scotland.

Whether it’s a birthday party or a wedding, personalized beer glasses and mugs blend beautifully into any theme. They are dishwasher safe and come in different styles like German Opaque Glass, Etched Glass, Ceramic, and Clear Glass.

T-shirt shaped key ring

This keychain is made of metal and can be personalized on both sides individually. It has an original t-shirt shape, which makes it an ideal gift for football fans. You can have a picture of them favorite player on one side of the key ring and their t-shirt back on the other. Starting at less than seven euros makes it a perfect and long-lasting gift if it is well cared for.

3D lamp with wooden base

Lamps come in different shapes and designs, from rectangular shapes and floral patterns, to heart shapes, paw prints, iPods and Christmas trees.

You can personalize the lamp by designing your texts, incorporating photos of your choice or choosing from the pre-designed templates available.

Clear patterns with changing colors are illuminated by the jewelry holder, producing a beautiful sight. With only one USB cable needed to power the lamp, you save on purchase and maintenance costs.

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