5 ‘Demon Slayer’ Tattoo Ideas

Do you like tattoos? You like demon slayer? Boy, do I have a list for you. I already covered some pretty cool anime tattoo ideas, but this list is for those demon slayer diehards who might want to permanently commemorate one of the show’s strongest characters on their bodies. Or maybe they want a tattoo of Tanjiro’s face. Look, your body, your Tanjiro face. And whatever your poison, we’ll help you choose. We will also tell you what we think you should not getting a tattoo, but more on that later.

Tanjiro’s Scar

Demon Slayer Tanjiro and his scar
(photo credit: Fuji TV)

Put it on your face. I to dare you. Do it! I would very much like to see it.

However, I will reluctantly admit that face tattoos are not for everyone. So if you want to get a Tanjiro scar tattoo but can’t do it on your kiss, why not put it somewhere else? You could have the design wrapped around your wrist, chest, arms or legs. Hell, you could have it running the length of your body, but it would still be covered under that stupid collared shirt you wear to work. This way your boss will never know how much demon slayer Stan you are.

Kitsune mask

(photo credit: Fuji TV)

Tanjiro’s Kitsune mask could be a stylish design on your wrist, ankle or arm. It might also look pretty on the ribs (fair warning, it’s going to hurt). There are a variety of masks to choose from in the show, and many variations of the kitsune mask alone. Sabito, Makoma, and Giyu also have beautifully crafted kitsune masks. You could get one or the whole set!

Nichirin Sword

(image credit Fuji TV)

The weapon of choice for Demon Slayers, a nichirin sword, might be a perfect tattoo idea. A sword flowing down your forearm would be an awesome choice, or you could make one or a pair across your chest. If you specifically want Tanijro’s black-bladed nichirin sword, you can have the blade filled (in black). It would make the tattoo longer, more painful and more expensive, but that’s the price of being cool, isn’t it?

The eyes of your favorite character

(photo credit: Fuji TV)

The detail given to the eyes of each character in this show is astounding, and many characters can be recognized by their unique shape and color alone. You could have Shinobu’s dark purple eyes, or Nezuko’s “Fuck you” pink demon eyes with the slit pupil. Or you can get one of the Upper or Lower Moon demon eyes, as their rank is reflected by the kanji in their pupils. You can put them on your torso, your legs or one on the back of each hand.

Inosuke full body

(photo credit: Fuji TV)

Come on, that tattoo would be hardcore, right? I mean he’s easily the best character on the show. Why not show your appreciation and get a tattoo of this man in all his boar-headed glory? Conversely, you can also just get his boar head and maybe throw his crossed swords behind it for good measure. If you make a full Inosuke, you can do it wherever there is room. Maybe running him on your arm, or doing it as a full-back. Go wild, like him.

But don’t get Tanjiro’s earring design

(photo credit: Fuji TV)

This is an example of what NOT to tattoo on your body. Demon Slayer has already received a lot of flak for the rising sun design of these earrings. The rising sun design was the symbol of the Japanese Imperial Empire, a brutal regime that inflicted countless atrocities on the people of China and Korea during the 20th century. Korea was occupied under Japanese rule, and the rising sun design is still a traumatic symbol for many Koreans. To put this into context for Westerners, getting a rising sun tattoo is like getting a swastika tattoo. Don’t.

(Feature image credit: Koyoharu Gotōge/Viz/Fuji TV)

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