4 Affordable Gift and Reward Ideas Your Customers Will Love

If the word “affordable” makes you think of t-shirts, mugs and hats, you’re not alone. But these items aren’t the only way to share something affordable with your customers. Think of a 3D model of a building, a color portrait of an employee, or a timeless, deep-engraved award filled with rich color. Crystal D can bring any idea to life with top quality crystal, and for less than $100!

If you’re looking for something different from the traditional swag, consider crystal. Boost your client’s brand, give your clients something they’ll remember, and stay on budget with Crystal D’s rewards and giveaways.

With the variety of shapes, styles, and imprints, you’ll find something to wow your customer without breaking the bank. Here are 4 affordable gift ideas that will have your customers saying “WOW!” »

1. Create inspiring office displays

Whether in the building or working virtually, employees are spending reasonable time at their desks. Work areas have become more than a workplace; it’s a personalized space that motivates employees and reminds them of the “why” behind their work.

Photo gifts are a popular choice for the office. Personalize photos with text such as dates, quotes or recognition messages. For recipients who prefer something practical, Crystal D offers nameplates, key rings and cell phone holders, which are always a great option!

IllumaPix™ crystal prints

Spice up a workspace with inspirational messages and photos using IllumaPix™ crystal prints.

Easily print your best moments on stunning crystals to display on a wall or desk. The Crystal D IllumaPix™ Gallery is ideal for appreciation gifts, employee awards, wall art, signage and more. Customers love to use company branding or event images to create unique impressions that inspire and motivate. Since the recipient can display it on a wall or desk, it makes the perfect office decor or motivational piece. They will love it!

Practical yet memorable gifts

Practical gifts are among the best gifts! Crystal nameplates are always a welcome choice and will brighten up an office. Add a thick crystal logo, name and title and display it on a flat surface. Cell phone holders and light up keychains make fun gifts and can be branded or a corporate message to keep your brand in mind.

Recipients will use and enjoy these personalized crystal gifts from Crystal D:

  • IllumaPix Square 8032, 8034, 8035, 8036
  • IllumaPix Rectangle 8022, 8024, 8025
  • IllumaPix 8040 Freestanding Rectangle
  • Nameplate Jade 3607, 3608
  • Kelsey 6275 nameplate
  • Ridgely Reward 4718
  • Mobile phone holder 4489
  • Rectangle luminous key ring 2062
  • 2061 square luminous keychain

2. Shake up corporate branding

The Crosby Gallery comes in different shapes including square, rhombus, rectangle, arc, octagon, circle, and pentagon. Add an accent to give it a unique touch. Don’t let the simplicity of this price fool you! Customers love this piece because it’s adaptable and customizable, resulting in a special reward or gift.

A client requested that their logo be printed on the Crosby rectangle. Our Crystal D team suggested stamping the gold accent in the form of its logo. The client was delighted to receive a unique piece with their brand displayed in a personalized way. Our team of experts can work within your budget and come up with creative ideas to present to your client.

  • Crosby rectangle 4159
  • Crosby Octagon 4185
  • Crosby Pentagon 4155
  • Crosby Circle 4165
  • Place Crosby 4170
  • Crosby Castle 4180, 4181
  • Crosby Diamond 4175
  • Various gold and silver accents

3. Embark in 3D

Businesses need to think bigger when it comes to integration. 58% of new recruits who participated in a structured induction program were still with the company after three years. Onboarding is an investment in a company’s future. The process can begin even before the employee starts work. Companies can nurture new employees with a personal touch that introduces them to the company and its culture.

One idea is to create a 3d cubes with the company logo and a QR code. The employee scans the code with his smartphone and it directs him to the landing page chosen by your customer.

Other things to include with this idea:

  • Personalized message on a postcard included in the 3D gift box
  • Copy of website that includes employee name and new job title
  • A video of the team welcoming them to the team
  • A laser printed message on the gift box

Employers can inspire and motivate new employees with a memorable experience. Adding personalized and creative messages from their team can leave a lasting impression. Adapt this idea to your onboarding experience or use it as a feature for an event! We can help you bring your ideas to life and create lasting memories for your customers.

  • Camby Rectangular 7901
  • Impressions used: Illumachrome, Illumachrome Plus, 3D subsurface, 2D

4. Honor the best achievements

Clients are looking for ways to reconnect, whether with staff, vendors, volunteers or their community. While the world has benefited from technology and the digital world, it has also caused a disconnect. Your customers want face-to-face interactions and meaningful relationships. Employees and staff want to feel valued.

In one study, 70% of remote employees felt lonelier than they did when working in the office. With fewer face-to-face interactions, some workers struggle with a sense of isolation and a lack of engagement. Loneliness at work costs an average of $154 billion per year due to lost productivity due to absenteeism. Businesses that focus on connecting and in-person interactions increase productivity and improve the lives of their employees and staff.

Crystal D awards are a great way to appreciate employees, help them feel connected, and remind them of their special place in a company.

Ramsey’s Arch is cost-effectively priced and a customer favourite. Customers can add a personalized message and enhance their reward with a splash of color. The recipient will benefit from a personalized prize made for them. Customers can combine multiple prints, such as 3D undersurface, Illumachrome, and color fill, creating a truly exceptional piece.

More ideas to impress your customers

Offer your customers the option of an affordable reward or gift with high perceived value. Whether you’re looking for a trendy office display, a way to onboard new employees, or want to bring a creative idea to life, our team at Crystal D will find rewards that fit your budget and timeline.

With our free virtuals and sales tools, we go the extra mile to help you present these ideas to your customers. By leveraging our team of keepsake makers, we make it easy to sell rewards and wow your customers. Contact us today for more ideas and free tools to help you grow your promotional business.

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