25 Best 60s Halloween Costumes and Outfit Ideas

A Halloween costume that has been popular year after year is that of a hippie. All the hippie rage started in the 60s and tends to define the whole decade. This is a great costume idea for anyone who wants to pay homage to that era. However, there are also plenty of other options reminiscent of the 1960s, which you might want to consider when looking for the best. 60s Halloween Costume Ideas!

With the Flintstones and sesame street debuting in the 60s, there are many fun character costumes. Rock and roll was going strong with the ubiquitous Beatlemania. Among men, the mop top hairstyle was all the rage with the afro in second place. Neil Armstrong was the first astronaut to set foot on the moon, making astronaut costumes a great choice for 60s inspiration.

Whether you choose to dress as a hippie, an astronaut, a rocker, or a baseball player, there are plenty of choices that represent the 1960s. You can even just sport a tie dye or blot hair to pay homage to the decade. . And if you’re going to a costume party as a couple, there are plenty of choices for couples too. Here are some of the most creative 60s inspired Halloween costumes!

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Best 60s Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Women’s 1960s Halloween Floral Hippie Costume Dress, $26.99 at Amazon

Peace, love and flower power, this women’s hippie costume is so cute and downright fair! The dress is available in a variety of different fabric patterns for you to choose from.

2. Disco Sensation Go Go Dancer Dress Costume, $29.24 at Amazon

The flashy style of the Go Go boots and a short satiny dress will make you the hit of your Halloween party. It’s definitely something to dance to!

3. Rubie’s Costume Heroes and Hombres Men’s Hippie Shirt and Wig, $17.20 at Amazon

With the afro wig and groovy shirt, you’ll look like a 60s hippie. Just add flip flops and a peace necklace!

4. The Flintstones Fred Flintstone Costume, $32.82 at Amazon

Straight from Bedrock, this beloved caveman is a fun character to portray. Yabba-Dabba-Do!

5. Flintstones Wilma Women’s Classic Costume, $24.99 at Amazon

The style of this off the shoulder dress has been quite impressive since the days of the cavemen. This costume comes with or without the wig.

6. Rubie’s Costume Co Betty Rubble Women’s Costume, $18.95 at Amazon

Don’t forget Wilma’s sidekick, Betty Rubble! You can dress up as Betty on your own or have a threesome with Fred and Wilma.

seven. Barbie Doll Vintage Swimsuit in Box Halloween Costume, Women, $99.99 at Amazon

With Barbie doll debuting in the 1960s, it makes perfect sense to think outside the box and go with a Barbie doll costume that’s in a box.

8. The Adult Barbie Ken Box, $48.49 at Amazon

Team up with your favorite Barbie and make it into a couples costume. Who wouldn’t want to show up to a costume party as Ken and Barbie?

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9. Iconic Fab Four Smiffys Men’s Costume, $34.01 at Amazon

Pay homage to The Beatles with this iconic costume. He is certain of rock the Halloween party.

ten. Adult Men’s Astronaut Costume Suit, Neil Armstrong, $32.95 at Amazon

Out of this world fun! A Halloween astronaut costume that pays homage to Neil Armstrong is a good choice to represent the 60s.

11. 4-Piece Hippie Costume Set, $23.99 at Amazon

Dress up simply in the iconic 1960s style with a tie-dye t-shirt, peace sign necklace, headband and round sunglasses.

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1960s outfits for Halloween

12. Men’s 4-Piece Vintage Baseball Suit, $36.99 at Amazon

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Baseball was a popular sport in the 60s and this vintage baseball uniform represents the era well.

13. Floerns Women’s Stretchy Elastic Waist Boho Mini Skirt, $16.99 at Amazon

Mini skirts were all the rage in the 1960s and this bohemian-style fabric was also a popular style for girls. Use this skirt as a base to complete a fun and memorable look for the decade.

14. Classic Scooby-Doo Velma Women’s Costume, $34.99 at HalloweenCostumes.com

Do you have any idea who this character is? We’ll give you a hint. scooby-doo came out in the late 60s and this character was part of the Mystery Machine gang. The answer is Velma—mystery solved!

In 1966, the Cookie Monster joined the cast of Muppet on sesame street. Wearing this costume gives you the right to eat as many cookies as you want!

16. The Count’s Sesame Street Adult Costume, $59.99 at Amazon

If you want to pay homage to the 60s but still want to wear something scary, then The Count is the perfect sesame street character for you.

17. Rasta Imposta Brady Bunch Retro TV Show Jan Adult Halloween Costume, $15.99 at Amazon

Brady’s Bunch was a hit TV show in the 60s. Dress up as Jan’s character and show off the cool style of that period.

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18. Cindy Brady Bunch Hippie 70s TV Show Woman Adult Dress Costume, $20.99 at Amazon

As the youngest actor in The Brady GroupCindy is cute and sweet.

19. Rubie’s Costume 60’s Revolution Men’s Leisure Costume, $37.50 at Amazon

You’ll be the talk of the town wearing this popular ’60s style. Leisure suits were all the rage!

20. 1960s Smiffys Groovy Lady, $27.57-$56.99 at Amazon

You won’t get lost in the crowd with this colorful set!

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60s Costume Ideas

21. Boxing Robe Costume Accessory – Adult Standard Size, Black/Gold – 1 Piece, $28.99 at Amazon

Pay homage to Muhammad Ali who became an Olympic gold medalist in 1960. The gold-embellished boxing robe is a flashy accessory.

22. 60s Forum First Lady Jackie Kennedy Costume, $34.99 at Amazon

Pay homage to former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and her elegant style. This pretty pink suit will give you an air of refinement.

23. Fun Shack Groovy Costumes for Women Women’s 60s Retro Halloween Costume, $26.95 at Amazon

You can’t go wrong dressing up as a flower child to represent the 1960s. This cute little dress just screams fun.

24. Mrs/Mr Potato Head Costume, $58.79 at Amazon

Another popular toy that came out in the 60s is the very familiar, Mr. Potato Head. This costume is guaranteed to be a hit and get a few laughs.

25. Adult Cruella Devil Costume, $35.28 at Amazon

The disney film, 101 Dalmatianswas first released in 1961. The villain, Cruella de Vil, makes a perfect Halloween costume choice.

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