20 best first day of school sign ideas for 2022


If you’re anything like us, you’ve watched these unique first day of school signs so you can snap an Instagram-worthy photo to post or print on your child’s first day back to school. Whether your child is starting elementary school for the first time and entering kindergarten, or your teenager is a high school student about to embark on their last first day of high school, it’s a milestone day – and capturing the memory of the beginning of school is a duty.

Before purchasing a first day of school sign, you will want to consider the following:

  • Do you want to reuse the panel again and again for years to come?
  • Do you have more than one child so you will need to use the panel multiple times as well?
  • Want to personalize the sign with your child’s favorite things, year, teacher’s name and more?
  • Would you like the sign displayed in your home?
  • How old is your child and will he be willing to hold the sign?

    These factors can make or break your purchase. For example, if you have multiple children, you might want a sign that you can personalize, but with the ability to erase and reuse. If you have a teenager, you might want something cool that reflects their style. If you want first and last day of school signs, there are also sets that come with both.

    Now that you know what to think about, here are the best first day of school signs you can buy for back to school.

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    best budget first day of school sign

    Chalkboard signs for sharing first and last day photos

    What we like the most about this two-panel set is the price. You’ll get what you pay for with a first day of school and one last day of school sign. You can also use it for summer camp, dance class, or any other activity you want to document. You will just need some chalk to fill it in before taking a picture.


    back to school sign pack

    Back to school signs

    Believe it or not, this set includes 16 different signs: for the first day of school and the last day of school, from kindergarten to college. With this set, you won’t have to buy additional signage in the future. You also do not need to write about anything, because each sign is already complete.


    unique first day of school sign

    First and last day of school board


    customizable first day of school sign

    Reversible Apple photo prop for the first and last day of school

    This fun panel allows parents to simply insert their child’s note into the open rectangle. One of the coolest designs we’ve seen in a first day of school sign, this one is Instagram worthy, reusable and innovative. You can even have your child’s name engraved and request custom color options from the seller. Plus, nothing screams back to school better than an apple!

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    chalkboard first day of school sign

    First and last day of school board

    This reusable double-sided sign for the first day of school gives you plenty of places to personalize using a chalkboard pen. We love its color, and your little one will too!


    first day of school whiteboard

    Modern first day of school sign

    Unlike any other first day of school sign we’ve seen, this whiteboard style sign is sleek, chic, and so modern. Get it with or without handles. A dry erase marker will be included, so you’ll have everything you need to make your child’s back to school photo shine!


    classic sign of my first day

    First day of school chalkboard sign

    Many panels will have color and pizzazz. But if you want something more classic to stand the rest of the day (and be usable year after year when your kids reach high school), this Etsy find is your best bet. Choose from different subdued colors for the backdrop. You can also buy a last day of school version or a double-sided sign with both.


    interchangeable first day of school sign

    Back to school signage kit

    Easily one of the most adorable signs on our list here, this one features interchangeable distinctions – 4 different apples that read 1st, 100th, best and last – and a sliding arrow that you can move along the scoring ruler . Do you have more than one child? You can get multiple custom pencils and trade them in too!


    first day of school wooden sign

    Mini First Day of School Interchangeable Panel

    We love this Baltic Birch wood sign. Its innovative design allows you to buy the round base that says “first day of” on it, then change the bottom depending on your child’s grade. Buy the panel with a disc for a single school year or buy a set of discs to use the same panel over and over until they graduate.


    simple first day of school sign

    First day of school round wooden sign

    Beautifully crafted and well crafted, this inexpensive sign requires no writing on your part. Your child can just hold it without much effort or need for fancy calligraphy. These simple wooden signs will really stand out in any photo.


    modern back to school banner

    First day and last day of school flag

    Too cool for school? Your mature child will be proud to hold these fabulously personalized flags with their grade and options for the first two days. and last day. Choose from three different color combinations to make the ribbons best match your child’s personality.

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    letter board first day of school sign

    Gray Felt Letter Board with Rustic Wood Frame

    Although this customizable sign is not specifically designed for the first day of school, it will still work. Just use the accompanying letters to create your message. You may need to purchase additional letter packs depending on the words you want to create. Along with individual letters, you’ll also get popular preset words, including days of the week and months of the year, and fun emojis to use.


    bus shaped first day of school sign

    Reusable dry erase board for the first and last day of school

    Nothing is cuter than an elementary school kid holding up a sign that looks like a bus. After all, this is probably the only age group for whom traveling by bus is a total journey! This dry erase board can be used over and over again, year after year.


    school board in the shape of a pencil

    pencil first and last day of school sign

    This crayon sign for the first or last day of school is both cute and so simple. Simply fill in a field with a dry erase markr so you can reuse them over and over again. We love that it looks like a pencil – so appropriate for a young elementary school kid.


    first day of school portable sign

    First and last day of the school board with string

    This wearable sign comes with a string so your student can wear it on their neck. It will certainly make it easier to take the picture. And if you want, your child can walk to school with it – how cute would that be? You will be able to customize multiple fields with chalk pens.


    cute first day of school signs to fill out

    Set of 10 double-sided back to school signs for the first and last day

    This set comes with 10 cardboard signs that you can write on and take pictures on. It’s easy, just recycle each page after use. While not a hard board like most that have landed on this list, it is economical and can last you 5 notes with the first and last days combined.


    old people wood cut sign

    Main panel for photos

    Do you have a future senior in your family? This customizable, made-to-order sign features the word senior cut out of birch wood, along with the year your child graduates from high school or college. You can choose from different sizes and colors. And the best part is, your older kid will think it’s totally Insta-worthy!

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    personalized notebook sign first day of school

    First Day of School Dry Erase Board

    This notebook dry erase board with the cutest school graphics is carefully crafted. With boxes to fill in, including who the child’s teacher is, what they want to be when they grow up, what school they go to, and more, they’ll capture the essence of their next year. school so you can remember it for years. come.


    set of rustic signs for the first day of school

    Farmhouse Chalkboard Style Back to School Signs

    Don’t let these farmhouse-style signs fool you (but they can fool your followers!). They may look like wood, but they’re actually made of poster board. You will get 10 of them in a pack which you can use for five different levels as it comes with the first and last days. Fill in boxes like your child’s height, first day of school date, favorite things, and more to really capture those memories.


    first day of school t shirt

    hello kindergarten shirt

    Don’t forget that a personalized shirt can be your first day of school sign in itself! Personalize this one which is made to order with your child’s name and your choice of preschool through 5th grade, printed on a white T-shirt.

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