$2.5 million painted on Lewis Hamilton’s gold chain

Lewis Hamilton, a huge Andy Warhol fan, had a miniature version of his $2.5 million painting on his gold chain in 2014.

One of Andy Warhol’s most iconic paintings is called “Cars, Mercedes Benz 300 SL Coupé”. The painting had the same car in several other grids.

After more than 20 years in existence, the original painting has sold for over $2.5 million. Although Hamilton did not own the painting, he took the liberty of drawing inspiration from it and making jewelry from it.

The British racing driver in 2014 appeared with a miniature version of the painting. It hung on a gold chain and had a stunning gold frame that surely made it fascinating.

Considering the weight of the jewels, it would be easy to say that it would have cost Hamilton a fortune. Surely, if this jewel were to go on sale today, it would surely match the sum Warhol made with the original painting.

The fact that Hamilton once wore it makes it a prized possession. But at the same time, the prominence of the image also increases, making the original piece an even more valuable asset.

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It’s no secret that Hamilton likes to wear multiple pieces of jewelry. It is one of the forms of her lifestyle and fashion. The Brit has multiple piercings, and some can only be medically removed.

Hamilton surely loves his prized assets, and that’s why he spearheaded the opposition against the FIA’s jewelry ban. However, this risked him a hefty fine.

Since then, nothing major has happened on this subject. However, ahead of the British Grand Prix, Hamilton said F1 had bigger fish to fry before entertaining such ideas.

“It’s worrying – we have bigger fish to fry,” Hamilton said. “We really need to start focusing on bigger areas. I’m going running this weekend. I work with the FIA.

“The issue is not hugely important, I will work with Mohammed and his team to take the next steps,” he added.

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