19 Best 15th Birthday Gifts

Let’s talk about the meaning of gifts and your options:


It’s not as durable as, say, a diamond or other gemstone, but its delicacy (and the symmetry of its internal structure) is a super cute nod to the beauty of marriage. It’s also more durable than you might think, depending on the type, which can be a fun metaphor. You can find the item first – a pen for the writer, a ring for the jewelry lover – then find a matching crystal gift. You better believe crystal pens are a thing.


I mean, there are so many watch and smartwatch brands for women that you could spend hours trying to find the right one. Tip: If it’s a tech watch, make sure it pairs well with their computer and other devices. If it’s a classic analog, know their preferences for metal, strap type, and style before you buy (see also ruby ​​gif tips


The sky is the limit here!! This could literally be your SO’s favorite thing in the whole world, just in the color red. You can also interpret this theme broadly; For example, it could be just a touch of red, like the lining of a jacket, if they’re not really a “colored” person. If in doubt where to start here, hop on the cheap Valentine’s Day gift list to find yourself red (and pink) gifts. Or, just choose the birthday flower and buy *a whole bouquet* of red roses.


It could be the gem (rubies also come in pink!), the color or the name of an element. Make sure before you give someone jewelry-related gifts that it’s the color and style they like (there’s nothing worse than having to pretend you like a piece that you absolutely hate it – believe me, I had to redesign my wedding ring. Oops.). This might have to be one of those “not totally a surprise” gifts – and if they’re not a ruby ​​person, no problem! There are so many other options for gifts, I promise.

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