Riot Games apologizes for sending a DMCA for a shirt design that was not related to any of its properties

Ukrainian artist KuttySarkArt shared on Twitter that Riot Games sent a DMCA takedown notice for one of her t-shirt designs. The message sent to him by TeePublic claims that the rights holder has a “valid takedown request”. The DMCA stems from the t-shirt design called “Arcane Flames” and Riot Games having a Netflix series called Esoteric.

However, the design has nothing to do with that of Riot Games. Esoteric. The design of the shirt is from the KuttySarkArt creator owned comic called arcane flames. She even points out that the shirt has her comic book logo on it, which is different from mysteries logo.

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After sharing his situation online, netizens came to his defense and criticized Riot Games’ decision. Many have pointed out the hypocrisy of pointing out KuttSarkArt’s design when there are other unofficial products based on Esoteric at many different outlets, especially Etsy.

Riot Games has now responded to the controversy and openly apologized for its decision. Riot Games acknowledges that the takedown was made in error and will actively investigate what happened. KuttySarkArt thanks people on Twitter for their support, and she writes that she’ll keep everyone posted with future updates.

Accident or not, this latest controversy continues to paint Riot Games in a bad light. The company has already had years of accusations for its sexist workplace and employee dissatisfaction. Last December, the company had to pay $100 million in a sex discrimination lawsuit.

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