‘Progressive Cult of Ideas’: These Scenes From PIXAR’s ‘Turning Red’ Make Parents See Red

Several scenes from the latest PIXAR release, turn redto have Parents see red as they express their anger, concern and shock at the studios’ decision to release a movie which focuses on topics like puberty which many consider simply too mature for younger audiences.

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

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turn red is Pixar’s first movie be headed only by a woman. It is also the first movie ever cause such heated controversy for the PIXAR brand, dividing the fan base into those who see it as another great PIXAR movie and those who say it’s totally inappropriate for children.

turn red tells the story of a 13 year old boy Mei Leewho lives in a Asian community in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her Parents. She’s a typical middle school girl who loves her friends, gets good grades in school, and is happy to help out. Parents with chores at home.

mei lee goes pixar red

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

the movie follows Mei as she enters puberty and experiences the adventures and emotions that come with it, giving it the ranking of a coming of age movie.

A scathing criticism of turn red posted to CinemaBlend by its general manager, Sean O’Connell, a few days before the movieThe post was considered racist and was eventually removed from the website following an outcry against social networks and media outlets. O’Connell accused the movie to be “limiting” and wrote that he could not connect to it.

“By rooting turn red very precisely in the Asian community of Toronto, the movie rightfully feels like it was made for [director] Dome Shifriends and immediate family memberswrote O’Connell. “Which is good, but also a bit limited in scope.”

But O’Connell’s distaste for PIXAR’s 25th animated feature movie was only a predecessor to the complete online spinoff of Parents who are furious with New moviesaying it focuses on topics that are too mature for young PIXAR viewers, encourages rebellion in children, and suggests or introduces certain ideas Parents don’t want their children to have fun.

go pixar red

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

For some who have seen the movie, however, the upheaval is confusing, baseless, and just white noise online. They want to know what scenes, ideas, subjects, in the movie were supposedly “too mature” or “inappropriate”. We did some research to find out which of the movieThe scenes from were the most messed up, and here they are, in no particular order.

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mei lee and friends go red PIXAR

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

The red peony

Mei wakes up one morning to find she doesn’t look like herself at all, and what she sees in the mirror doesn’t make her feel like herself either. She turned into a giant red panda, and panicked, she runs and hides in the bathroom so no one sees her. Her mother, however, immediately assumes she has begun her journey of womanhood and rushes to the bathroom with ibuprofen, an assortment of feminine hygiene products, and other items.

“Has the red peony bloomed?” her mother reluctantly asks, followed by metaphorical explanations of what’s going on with Mei (supposedly), telling her that she doesn’t need to be embarrassed.

turn red

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

“You are now a beautiful, strong flower that needs to protect its delicate petals and clean them regularly,” Mei’s mother continues, and although the word period is never used, the euphemisms and metaphors have simply taken things too far. , according to many upset people. Parentssome who think this topic makes the movie inappropriate for children.

Draw a fanfiction

In another controversial scene from movie, Mei draws in a notebook. It’s pretty harmless. Then, over the next few minutes, her drawings gradually turn into illustrations of her kissing the local convenience store clerk named Tevin – the subject of several crushes on Mei’s peers. Previously, Mei barely noticed Tevin, then, like a switch, her view of him changes and he becomes “overwhelming” to her.

go red pixar mei and mom fan fiction

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

However, her mother finds the notebook and is horrified by what Mei has drawn. One drawing depicts Tevin as a shirtless merman, and another depicts Tevin touching Mei’s face. (It still seems harmless to some Parents.)

Disney and Pixar's Turning Red |  Mei's Notebook Drawings |  Disney+ - YouTube

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

But the idea of ​​a 13-year-old drawing fanfiction was extremely disturbing and disturbing to some viewers, leading them to vote “inappropriate” as well.

Crazy boy for the group of boys

Throughout the moviethere are mentions of the popular (and fictional) group of boys 4*City. The group is made up of 5 teenagers who sing songs about girls, love, etc.

pixar turns red 4* city

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

Mei and her three best friends are particularly fond of the group’s song titled “Nobody Like U”, whose lyrics read as follows:

I never met anyone like you
I had friends and I had boyfriends, it’s true
But they don’t turn my stomach like you do
I never met anyone like you
Oh, yeah, yeah

You’re never on my mind, oh my, oh my
I’m never by your side, by your side, by your side
I’ll never let you cry, oh, cry, don’t cry
I’ll never be your turn or I’ll die, okay

Let’s call it what it is, it’s a masterpiece
Gotta love it all for the city streets
Tonight is the place to be, you need a big boombox and a new CD

Come on, everyone tear it up
If you want crazy skills you can share with us
(Come on) I want everybody to stop and watch
And you know why, it’s me

Mei and her girlfriends are completely in love with the members of 4*Town, and some of the movie focuses on their efforts to raise $800 for tickets to see the boys in concert. But this “crazy boy” and “obsessive” behavior infuriates many viewers who say they don’t want their children influenced by such ideals. A parent posted a comment online saying “[Thirteen] and obsessing over boys may be common, but it’s not an ideal I want for my daughters.

“My panda, my choice”

*Spoiler alert*

In one of the last scenes of movieMei has learned to embrace her insides red panda, but it’s clear her mom still isn’t completely comfortable with the idea. Mei responds to her mother with “My panda, my choice, mom”. Clearly the phrase is a nod to the “my body, my choice” jargon used in the pro-choice movement. Some viewers were angered by the phrase, saying that a PIXAR movie because children should leave politics aside.

go red pixar mei and friends

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

turn red may well be the most controversial movie PIXAR has published over its more than 30-year history. There is a silver lining though, and that is that the next PIXAR release is the one that will come with at least some familiarity for PIXAR fans: Light year hits theaters in June!

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