‘Pleasure and privilege’: Tom Brady and Cristiano Ronaldo ‘shared thoughts and ideas’ during brief meeting at Old Trafford

Tom Brady visited the legendary Old Trafford stadium in Manchester, UK. It was the globally acclaimed star, Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United taking on Harry Kane and Tottenham Spurs.


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After the match, Tom Brady met Cristiano Ronaldo in midfield. They exchanged quick thoughts and ideas and found the time to click on a memorable image for sports history.


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In a tweet, the Portuguese superstar said: “Always a pleasure and a privilege to share thoughts and ideas with another GOAT…”

Now, it’s amazing how these two legends recognize and like each other. And even take the time to recognize this face to face. However, it’s worth noting that in calling Brady ‘another GOAT’, Cristiano Ronaldo admitted he considers himself the greatest of all time.

Now, nothing surprising for someone as accomplished as CR7. People of his stature need to be confident to compete at this level, and for as long as they will. And the fact that he’s outspoken also shows his honesty to the fans. For them, he chooses to take the path of truth rather than the diplomatic path. Maybe some people think it deserves respect.


Tom Brady recognizes the greatness of Cristiano Ronaldo in a nutshell; Also praises Harry Kane

about 1 month ago

Tom Brady has been retired for a few months now. But the news and headlines didn’t miss him a day. The 7-time Super Bowl champ has business ventures, movie deals, and metaverse merchandise lined up. But that’s not all, rumors come back day after day about the return of the 44-year-old QB.

Tom Brady continues to make headlines

Analysts say retiring from Tampa was the most respectful and dignified way Tom Brady could have left the Bucs. So, he took this road as soon as he realized he didn’t want to stay there. Although he still has a full year left on his contract.


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But, the QB wants to play for Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers according to experts. However, it should be noted that the media and “experts” have never been able to decipher Tom Brady’s mind. His actions have been unpredictable historically and where we see him next, only Brady knows.

Some analysts say the stories in the media are from Camp Brady. It’s a transparent attempt to stay relevant after retirement. You can’t blame when you’ve stood at the pinnacle of pro sport and have to start the descent into everyday life. Far from the spotlight. Far from the reverberating sound of thousands of fans chanting your name.


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Whatever Brady decides to do next, the story says he will give 100%. But will he receive 100% in return? This is the question most athletes struggle to answer as they leave their illustrious athletic careers behind.

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