Painting the campus blue: students show spirit on Blue Day

Back in Blue: Blue Day not only motivated students to show their wits, but also allowed them to reconnect after semesters of online education. Photo courtesy of SUNY New Paltz.

On October 7, the campus came together to celebrate a New Paltz Spirit Day: Blue Day!

With mid-sessions in mind, the day was an open-ended event to rally the spirit of the school and add some fun to a stressful time. Participation was easy. The students only had to wear blue!

Optional events were held all around campus during the day so people could stop by when they had time to participate. Fall break came the following week, so Blue Day was one of the last impressions on the students before most of the students on campus returned home for a long weekend.

It was a simple event that illuminated the campus with school spirit and camaraderie, even for a single day. The campus-wide event takes place annually and started in 2019. There is also an orange day in the spring semester.

“Blue Day is a day of the spirit where everyone comes together for a day of fun activities and events! Wear blue and show your New Paltz spirit, ”says the official flyer, found on the Center for Student Engagement Instagram page, @newpaltzcse.

There were a lot of different activities for students and teachers. There was free cotton candy and cookies for a sweet treat, along with temporary stickers and tattoos to celebrate the day. A bookmark activity took place in the SUB, where the bookmarks were returned and given to school children in New Paltz. Quizzes were organized, as well as a painting activity.

“For Blue Day, I wore blue and enjoyed the pervasive school spirit on campus. I had a mid-session the next day, but it ended up being a good stress reliever, ”says Sky Rolnick, first year. “The activities were fun, light and engaging. I look forward to Orange Day in the spring semester.

Perhaps the most exciting event was the treasure hunt. Tons of students have been running around looking for clues. The students were laughing and running in groups for the hunt.

With high stress levels just before the break, it was a great experience for the campus to run with friends, explore the campus and show the school spirit.

“It was so nice to see other people on campus who decided to participate wearing blue,” said first year Skyler Fountain. “It really helped me create a sense of connection for myself, with friends and strangers.”

This sense of connection is exactly what Blue Day is. There is something so special about a school that comes together and shows spirit. New Paltz has exciting events like this year, but something as simple as wearing a blue shirt really stands out.

Being in college can be isolating and stressful, but looking around campus and seeing your peers wearing a certain color helps students feel connected. The turnout was great for Blue Day and we are looking forward to Orange Day! Prepare the spirit and colors of your school for the next semester’s event.

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