How to wear a short dress

The short dress is the most dangerous female weapon, and if you use it correctly, not a single man will resist you! The dress is considered the most feminine, elegant and seductive element of the female wardrobe.

Short is not always appropriate

Of course, any outfit whose length is one palm above the kneecap is not appropriate in a professional style. Also, don’t wear a dress that’s too short on a first date. The older the woman, the more carefully you need to approach the choice of outfit. Even if you have impeccable shapes at 40 or more, it is better to emphasize them with other things, for example a velvet dress.

Rules for wearing a short dress

  • In almost any ensemble, a short dress requires high shoes. Elegant shoes and sandals with summer heels are ideal.
  • If you wear a short dress to work, be sure to wear tights or stockings, even in the unbearable heat.
  • A short dress is a great opportunity to show off the beauty of your legs.
  • Remember that it is better to wear jeans or leggings under a very short dress, so as not to show your body too much.

What to wear in a short dress?

The essential black dress. The famous little black dress “according to the recipe” of the legendary and charming Chanel is associated with absolutely all jewelry and objects. But the best decorations, according to Coco Chanel, are a clutch, a thread of pearls, black boats and a jacket. This will allow you to create a strict, elegant and flawless image!

  • New picture. Any dress with short sleeves can be refreshed, like wearing a blouse or a turtleneck underneath, and instantly look feminine and professional. And if you put on a stylish blouse that matches the main tone of the dress, you can easily go to chic events.
  • Compromise. A sweater dress and a tunic are a great opportunity to create an elegant and elegant look that emphasizes the figure. However, not every woman will dare to put on a tunic or a sweater dress as an independent thing. For this occasion, wear leggings, skinny, leggings or skinny jeans and create the perfect balance between practicality, femininity and sex appeal.
  • Oh, summer! Summer mini dress is made of fine, airy fabrics and is ideally combined with bright, unusual jewelry and large beach bags. Wear light heeled sandals or flat sandals.
  • Outerwear. A dress with a jacket is a win-win option, suitable for a business look. A warm cardigan will be a great addition to your everyday style. In the warm season, you can wear a dress with a shirt closed with a few buttons, which gives casualness and lightness to the outfit.


For office workers, the choice of dress may be limited by a dress code that does not allow dresses that are too short. But a little above the knee is the allowable length for the dress. A simple dress can be complemented with an expressive handbag, scarf and neat pumps.


The field of experiments opens when creating an image for a casual walk or a meeting with friends. Try wearing a short dress with a shirt. You will get a surprisingly interesting, gratuitous and slightly frivolous image.


For a cocktail party, you can choose many images based on a short dress. You can take the easy way out and choose a Coco Chanel dress that doesn’t even need any additions. The modest neckline and the absence of sleeves go well with a short jacket that can blend into a set of colors or serve as a contrasting element. Another successful look is a classic short dress and a long cardigan, which discreetly emphasizes the lines of the body and hides the negative aspects of the figure. Many designers recommend wearing a belt with a short dress. Imperfect hands can be hidden with a light blouse worn over the dress.

With a fluffy skirt

A fluffy dress requires a careful choice of shoes. There must be a heel, whether it is shoes or sandals. Elegance is an unconditional requirement for shoes that are matched with a short dress with a fluffy skirt. Another accessory that can both complement the image and spoil it is a handbag. An ideal option for a fluffy dress is a clutch of an elongated shape. Outerwear should be a continuation of the lines and style that define the top of the dress.


A short summer dress is a rather versatile thing, the character of which is given by additional elements. A turtleneck will turn a short, light dress into a professional outfit. A romantic guipure blouse will make an evening outfit out of a simple dress. It is permissible to wear expressive jewelry under such a dress. Large bags made of textile material will look like a light dress. Shoes should be as light and simple as the dress itself. Therefore, let low-speed sandals and wedges, Greek sandals settle in your wardrobe. Even for a country vacation, you can wear a sundress.

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