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The worst thing happening in the world today is the shortage of pranksters. We decided to help put stuffing back on the menu. Check out our list of pranks below and remember to live every day like it’s April Fool’s Day – get PRANKING!

The Babysitter Flub

This prank on an au pair is oh-so-AWESOME! :

Step 1. Be baby-free.

Step 2. Hire a SUPER HOT babysitter!

Step 3. When she shows up, reveal she doesn’t have a baby to take care of!

This prank will make her say, “Oh BABY, what a crazy bitch!”

Natural Joke

The NAKED truth about this prank is that it’s so funny it should be ILLEGAL:

Step 1. Paint your clothes to look like your naked body.

Step 2. Go to a public place.

Step 3. When a cop comes to ticket you for public indecency, say “ah-ah-ah, those are my CLOTHES!”

It’ll make them say, “I’ve heard of a birthday suit, but never a birthday shirt, pants, socks, and underwear!!!”

Elmer’s Madness

FOLLOW the simple steps in this prank and a laugh is guaranteed… and you just might score some moola in the process:

Step 1. Hire a man. A big mouth is preferable.

Step 2. Ask him to fill his mouth with glue and find a good hiding place.

Step 3. Find a friend. (It’s harder than it looks!)

Step 4. When you go out with your friend, tell him, “I bet you a hundred dollars the next man we see will have his mouth full of glue.” Your friend is sure to accept you on this offer (what an idiot!).

Step 5. Get your man out of hiding…and open his mouth!

The look on their faces will seal the deal!

The joker’s jackpot

The MAX number of laughs this lottery-themed prank could give you? About 649! You’ll be begging for an ENCORE! :

Step 1. Change your name to Charity.

Step 2. Win the lottery.

Step 3. When they ask if you want cash or a cheque, say, “I would like this made out to charity. They’ll then say, “Oh, that’s so generous of you, Mr.… What’s your name?” To which you must respond: “Uh, Charity!”

The look on their faces will be RICH! But not as rich as you, rockstar!

No big problem

This LEVIATHAN of a prank is sure to give you RIDE WARRIORS out there a BEHEMOTH of a laugh:

Step 1. Be small.

Step 2. Wear stilts.

Step 3. Travel to Canada’s Wonderland and ride a ride you’re usually too small for.

The look on the ride attendant’s face as you ride down the roller coaster you’re too small to be on will be AMAZING!

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