Four Notable Harry Styles Concert Outfit Ideas Before Love On Tour

The ‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer’s stadium tour sold out instantly this morning, and fans are already planning exactly what to wear.

For many, trying to get a ticket to see Harry Styles before they vanished into thin air was an almost impossible task. But for some, that was just the beginning. Now for the hard part: choosing what to wear.

Whether you want to look like Harry himself, copy the latest TikTok trend, or go for a completely original look, we’ve got you covered.

An OG Harry Styles look

Since One Direction’s hiatus in 2015, Harry has been going in his own fashion direction, and it’s fair to say he’s pushed the boat further than the other former band members.

When One Direction first formed in 2010, skinny jeans, tight tees and bushy fringe were all the rage. These days, however, Harry’s look couldn’t be more different.

In 2022, you’re much more likely to see Styles in baggy, floaty pants, brightly colored blazers, and a weird skirt or dress.

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As you can see from the post above, if you want to look like Harry Styles on his next tour, think about bold and bright outfits and don’t be afraid of outfits that may be outside of your comfort zone.


It’s almost impossible to ignore the current fashion trend sweeping TikTok FYPs: Euphoria.

Since the release of the new series earlier this month, fans haven’t been able to take their eyes off the sparkling, vintage style of Zendaya and co. can be seen modeling weekly.

How-to guides like this are easy to find on TikTok and can show you exactly how to replicate your favorite Euphoria star’s look – something that will help you stand out from the rest of the Harry Styles crowd!

Official Merchandise – derr

If you want to prove to Harry that you’re the stadium’s biggest fan, then what better than with the official Harry Styles merchandise.

Harry’s merchandise can be found on his official site, with a product line including t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags. But be warned, official merchandising will come at a significant cost. Starting at £29.99 for a t-shirt and just under £60 for a hoodie, dressing head-to-toe in official merchandise might not be the best fit for your Bank account.

A classic One Direction look

If you want really stand out from the crowd and go for a look no one else does, so why not step back with an old school One Direction look?

Colorful chinos, a denim/tartan shirt combo, a pair of rolled up sleeves and maybe even an inside out snapback are sure to make anyone’s head spin and give a little old time euphoria. of 1D.

Photo by Ada/FilmMagic

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