Four Fidelity women share their investing stories

“When it comes to life lessons – both financial and emotional – I am incredibly lucky to have been able to lean on two inspiring women. There is no doubt that they have shaped the way I think and take action and set me on my own path to financial independence at an early age.

“My grandmother was a typical 1950s housewife who managed the household budget with a monthly allowance she received from my grandfather. being to many other women of her time, she wouldn’t put those “savings” in a box for a rainy day. Instead, she made the brave decision to invest in the stock market. I remember vividly that she was checking the stock price of her investments in the Sunday paper.She showed me that women can be investors, regardless of their profession, wealth or level of knowledge.

“Then there’s my mum, who is sort of an ‘investment rock star’ to me. Divorced, she had to send her two daughters to college. a South African teacher, it wasn’t going to be an easy task. So she took the plunge and invested – growing her savings. It’s hard not to be inspired and have a passion for investing when we set that kind of example. Maybe that’s why Fidelity’s mission to help women unleash their financial power is so important to me. It’s personal. If we want more women to start investing, we need to tackle the many personal and professional barriers that often prevent women from investing in the world of investing – from financial jargon to the misconception that investing is only for men in suits .

Women are big savers, but to truly make a difference for the economy, for society, and for their families, they need to step up and invest.

Investment idea: Maike’s first investment was an individual stock and ISA shares which she invested in funds. “I had the chance to meet many fund managers when I was a financial journalist, and I still talk to a lot. I believe it is important to invest in funds from managers who have a clear investment process and who can articulate it well. Funds like the Rathbone Global Opportunities Fund, managed by James Thomson and also Jeremy Podger’s Fidelity Global Special Situations Fund.

Kat Tabor – Financial Advisor at Fidelity Advisory Services

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