Custom polo design: 5 pro tips you should know

Dressing well is easy if you have solid basics that stay stylish all the time. Some essentials that you should have in your wardrobe are classic trench coats, black boots, a versatile watch, dark jeans, and a polo shirt. Polo shirts have stood the test of time since their invention in the mid-1920s. They allow the wearer to always look stylish but remain relaxed and comfortable. Plus, they’re quite versatile as they can fit all kinds of bottoms from jeans to shorts.

However, polo shirts can look too simple, especially if they are solid solid colors. Fortunately, it is easy to style them using trendy outerwear. Better yet, you can personalize your polo shirts by printing or embroidery. For a professional finish, you can get all design prints from online sources such as and similar websites. For more advice on custom polo shirt designs, read below.

1. Stick to original or free designs

Having your design printed or embroidered on your polo shirt is the easiest part. However, the difficult part is probably finding the art or the overall composition of your design. While it’s tempting to take a photo of a style you like on the internet, it’s something you might want to avoid. Licensed photos or any images that you do not own or have permission to use or reproduce should be avoided. It is best to use free images, designs that you own or those to which you have rights.

For these custom designs, you might even want to hire an artist to create a style for you. It’s a great way to get the exact design you want and the freedom to use it for anything.

2. Be careful with the dimensions

Printing t-shirts depends a lot on the exact dimensions and positioning of the design on the fabric. It’s important to have all of this calculated so that you don’t end up with a shirt that you’re not happy with. For example, getting a print that’s too big, too small, or wobbly can make the polo shirt look ugly. So be sure to take your time to measure the size of the print and where it should go on the shirt.

3. Use a preview for the final product

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For a better idea of ​​how the finished product will look, use the preview feature on the website of the print shop you contacted. If their website doesn’t have this option, there are other apps you can use to see what the design would look like on a shirt.

This step may seem tedious, but it has several advantages, such as the following:

  • You can see what the design looks like on fabrics of different colors.
  • You can see if the size of the design is right.
  • You can make changes to the design and placement until you are satisfied.

If you don’t want to waste time and money, this extra step would be a handy way to see if the polo shirt design is something you would like to wear. Otherwise, it would just be another shirt that you bought online and haven’t worn once.

4. Look at the real photos of their printed shirts

When it comes to any type of garment, looking at actual pictures would help you see the actual quality of the item. Dressing better also means investing in good quality clothes, and you can’t get the quality you want if you can’t check the actual photos.

Brands would likely only post photos of their products that show them in their best light. This way, they can get more sales and convince more people to buy their merchandise. For a better overview of their products, check out Genuine Customer Review downloads.

5. Check their size chart

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Another rule of thumb when shopping for clothes is to make sure that you are purchasing the correct size. Unfortunately, the size differs between brands, even for polo shirts. So, you will have to consult their size chart to see the exact measurements. If you are not sure which size to choose, take a tape measure and take your own measurements.


There are many fashion trends that come and go, but if you want timeless style, investing in classics is the way to go. But to add a bit of originality, you might want to do a bit of tweaking by personalizing pieces, like polo shirts. Nowadays, this can be easily done. You can even have all kinds of designs and images embroidered or printed on it.

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