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While we can’t choose our homes based on closet size alone, it’s a crucial aspect of our homes that sometimes gets overlooked. Luckily, we can make our closets more efficient and beautiful with a few easy changes and upgrades. For example, with a tower of built-ins and a plush dressing table or chair, even the most miniature cabinets can be transformed into a piece you love!


Here are some of our favorite dressing room ideas to help you remodel your dressing room. From bright and colorful to romantic and sad, these closets will help you develop the perfect image and realistic vision of what you could wear.

Top 6 trendy and chic dressing ideas

1. Turn part of the bedroom into a closet.

Large bedrooms can easily accommodate a dressing room designed by some furniture store in dubai without feeling claustrophobic. A semi-partition wall is the easiest method to achieve this. This plan uses the room divider to store closet items. If you don’t want to build a concrete wall, you can build a floor-to-ceiling closet. You can use the wall as a headboard and bedside table in the sleeping area or install the bed facing this wall as a television.

2. Appropriate lighting and colors

A walk-in closet does more than just provide plenty of storage space and opulent settings for your walk-in closet. It also allows you to display your entire wardrobe and clothing accessories.

To make your clothes really shine, you need to use the right colors and lighting in your wardrobe. With cabinet colors, you can achieve a variety of styles, from earthy, dark finishes to lighter, brighter looks for cabinet finishes, walls, and ceilings.

Chandeliers provide additional lighting to the closet, giving the room a touch of luxury. Overhead task lighting, recessed lighting, and strategically placed LED lighting integrated into cabinet design can all be used to augment it.

3. Add a dressing room to your bathroom

A dressing table is usually included in luxury bathroom designs so you can sit down, dry your hair and do your makeup. This is one of the most popular suggestions made by furniture stores in Dubai. If so, it might be a good idea to incorporate access to a walk-in closet into, or possibly as part of, your bathroom ideas.

Walk-in closet concepts aren’t new to interior designer Joanna Wood; she’s used it on a number of projects, including her own home.

4. It’s time to prioritize architecture

The design of a walk-in closet should consider the aesthetics of your home as well as the practicality of storage, layout and lighting.

Jonathan Rachman, an international interior designer, advises knowing their architectural features and adding them to your design as a new element.

Make the walk-in closet an integral part of the home – or a treasure chest in the suite – but don’t try to do anything mundane. There must be the appearance that the space is part of the property.

5. Convert the extra room into a closet.

Create your own clothing store by installing a dressing room in your guest room! With careful planning and the help of furniture stores in Dubai, you can create a substantial and stylish walk-in closet that can even be used. It can be used to fold/hang and store your clothes, jewelry, makeup and other items. It also serves as a dressing room. Consider all the clothes you own. Consider a design that provides a specific place for each item, such as bags, kurtas, dresses, shirts, shoes, or scarves. You can mix wall cabinets and shelves with floor-to-ceiling cabinets. A full length mirror, shelves or both are essential pieces for your converted extra room wardrobe.

6. An island in the closet

Consider incorporating an island into your closet if there is enough room. It will serve many functions as the drawers in the island provide additional storage space, and the surface can also be used as a dressing table. Even if room is limited and you want to incorporate an island, try placing it in the middle to divide the area in half, which will make organization easier. The downside is that the islands take up a lot of floor space. To avoid a cluttered appearance, use a custom island based on the space available.


Before you get carried away with spectacular dressing room ideas, carefully consider your clothes storage needs and preferences to determine the most practical closet organization ideas. Prefer to hang or fold most of your clothes? How much rail, drawer and shelf space would you need? Consider shoe storage, handbag storage, swimwear storage, and accessory storage.

Shelves instead of drawers for your sweaters and pants, with specific dividers and spaces to store your stacked items, is a smart dressing concept. Hanging length is key, but make sure you have a good place for both long and shorter items and double your clothes storage by including a simpler hanger if you only need to hang pants or hats. skirts. Hangers or sliding accessories? A mixture of the two is preferable. So, now choose the style you like from any of the furniture stores in Dubai according to your needs.

picture by Huy Nguyen on Unsplash

“A soup, a whirlwind, a real salad of ideas”: in the new Red3licte magazine Wed, 11 May 2022 06:00:00 +0000

The first issue of the independent print publication announces the launch of ‘Collage Couture for a Good Cause’ – an offbeat collection of upcycled looks to be auctioned off for migrant charity Hope for the young

Printing is dead? Far from there. While the mainstream media might be floundering right now (to see: understatement), the medium is alive and well when you dig a little deeper underground. Across the globe, a new generation of creatives are harnessing their potential and spreading their message using paper and ink. NY rag The Drunken Channel and its razor-sharp satire, à la South Africa chewing gum clubwhich spotlights the brightest and brightest artists in the region, not to mention UK artists beat up zine, which seeks to rid fashion of its “ponciness” – independent creatives produce some of the most exciting publications of the moment.

Cementing this very argument is new mag Red3licte, the first issue of which came out last month. Conceptualized by a partially anonymous global collective spread across New York, Los Angeles, London and beyond, the publication heralds the arrival of a 150-piece upcycled clothing collection dubbed “Collage Couture for a Good Cause” – with this good cause taking the form of Hope for young people. The grassroots non-profit organization supports and empowers young migrants and asylum seekers, and is a cause close to Red3licte the heart of co-founder Jack Sunnucks. “I come from Kent, just down the road from where canoes full of refugees arrive every day,” he explains. “It seems important, especially after the past two years, to do something to support causes like this.”

Separated into three chapters – Workshop, which celebrates the spirit of collaboration, Protowhich talks about “raw ideas becoming reality” and Eveningeewhich focuses on a big party that the team would like to throw – Red3licteThe pages of are cut and pasted with quirky editorials by Sharna Osborne, Emma Wyman, Thistle Brown, Nell Kalonji, Remi Lamande, and charge, charge more. Along with beautifully naff fake perfume ads and a slew of mind-blowing cocktail recipes, it’s all covered by the supermodel. tour de force Paloma Elsesser. Taking the time to walk virtually every runway on the AW22 schedule and single-handedly carrying the fashion industry on her back, Elsesser showed up in front of Osborne’s camera in a series of Frankensteined looks together, actually quite grungy. . “Because she’s a curve model, Paloma is always described as very feminine and sultry, but her own style is much more DIY and quirky,” says Sunnucks. “We wanted her in oversized, ripped t-shirts and ripped baggy jeans. Something a little different for her.

Having previously dropped a series of clothes seen on Red3lictefrom on its dedicated eBay page Red3licte Auctions (think lace-trimmed beanies, spliced ​​and diced denim, sun-bleached and bastard stripe tees, and haphazard knit beanies with wooly mohawks), this week the team behind the magazine put on sale looks from Elsesser, with all proceeds going directly to Hope for Youth, clothing from the range includes a kitsch t-shirt with spray paint effect abs, trashy denim cargo pants and a top wearing the mention “So Big, So Good”, which I’m sure we can all agree is a mood. Considering these are unique pieces created by some of the most exciting talent working today, starting prices are low – where else could you potentially get your hands on a Matty Bovan original for a just under £40?

As fashion faces something of a toll in recent years — from the systemic racism that underpins the industry to its devastating impact on the planet — a quick tour Red3licte‘Real Idea Salad’ is a timely and inspiring reminder that fashion can be a force for good, and a whole lot of fun too. “It was so fun to partner with so many friends on this project and make it a really collaborative thing, especially after we’ve been apart for so long,” says Sunnucks. “Now we just want as many people as possible to see it and make as much money as possible for Hope for the Young.”

Head toward Climax Books to get your own copy of Red3licteand browse eBay auctions here.

New Labor risks becoming like Friends – endlessly repeated without new ideas Tue, 10 May 2022 12:16:01 +0000

I have had these T-shirts for over 25 years now. They were first thrown at me as a young activist at the 1996 conference to wear for the leader’s speech. My very first, it felt like I was at a religious revival meeting – at the end we were all shouting and cheering with mad anticipation of a Labor victory and ousting Thatcher’s Tories from power.

We drank in every exciting and delicious moment of hope that change was in the air. When the exit poll came, I still couldn’t believe it – having been so sure in 1992 that we would win, I had learned to hold my breath. It wasn’t until the discussion turned to whether Billericay would go to work that I found a phone booth, called my mother, crying with joy, and staggered home. No immediate WhatsApp deliberations and commiserations for us – finding out what was going on was a much longer and more complicated process.

Like my grandmother telling me about World War II and silk parachutes and rationing, I still tell young activists of those heady days when a Labor Prime Minister pledged to end child poverty and meant it. I don’t need lines or to hear “Things Can Only Get Better” – a song most of us shunned for a schmaltzy rewrite of “Three Lions” – because as an over-enthusiastic volunteer, I had the honor of making tea for real Labor Cabinet Members at conferences. Indeed, catering and organizing events, rather than being political strategists, were the roles deemed acceptable for women in our movement then – and still too often now.

I also know that we fetishize or mythologize New Labor at our peril. Our ability to learn from our history that change is possible must not come at the expense of our understanding that this success was in its time – and that if we are to win again, we must be of this weather, this time, in word and deed. Duplicating New Labor in tone, content or even style, however tempting, will not win the next election because the world has changed so much, and so has the public.

(Stella Creasy)

During his tenure, Tony Blair never sent a single email. Today, social media has created jobs, torn apart basic democratic truths, and changed the way we as human beings interact beyond recognition. At the time, it was still believed that politicians had red lines; John Major may have faced the Cash for Questions case and Neil Hamilton, but no one doubted his inherent decency. We now have Boris Johnson and the occasional use of dead cat distractions corroding any potential goodwill towards all parties. In 1997 there were a million people on waiting lists – saving the NHS was first and foremost about money. Today, repeating ‘NHS, NHS’ to people makes little sense in a world where funding is pledged on all sides of politics and where we need to reform our health and social care services.

After driving most infectious diseases out of our country by creating a national health service, the new health inequity is about keeping people out of hospital altogether and keeping them physically and mentally healthy. New Labor led efforts for multilateral disarmament. Today, Brexit, terrorism, dictators and the climate emergency mean that internationalism will require more international structures and citizen movements, not less, to share the risks.

It is not just because the world is different that New Labor should be seen for its past successes rather than as a contemporary playbook.

Twenty-five years ago, government from the center was plausible. But that didn’t make it a good idea then, or a good idea now. It means recognizing, whether it is Iraq, the PFI or the New Deal, that New Labour’s engagement with the public to understand the impact of their decisions has had no serious effect. Twenty-five years later, it is now even clearer that government cannot be remote from the public; whether it’s education, welfare, the impact of the cost of living crisis, or reducing carbon emissions, the public must be a partner, not a customer, for policy works.

It requires a radical rethinking of not only what we offer people, but also how we do it. Ironically, the value of winning arguments for new ideas and new ways of working is the one lesson of New Labor that is never discussed. New Labor hasn’t just listened – proposing action on crime or anti-social behavior to reflect focus groups – it has also led.

In the 1990s, few discussed or thought a minimum wage or an end to child poverty was plausible, but New Labor came out in favor of them anyway. Now, as people ponder red and blue walls, talk about message discipline, and obsess over viral reach, there’s a danger we’ll forget that good oppositions become brilliant alternatives when they make political time and are not just looking to ride out a storm.

The collapse of Sure Start, the abandonment of child trust checks and the instability in Northern Ireland show how quickly progressive success can be pushed aside without defenders.

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As many are still obsessed with New Labour, it risks becoming the political equivalent of Friends: replayed endlessly as new generations distinguish between right and wrong while failing to produce new ideas. I keep these dog-eared T-shirts as a reminder of what’s possible, and a warning to never assume we have the answers – or even understand the problem.

Labor cannot keep repeating the same policies or fighting again and again hoping for a different outcome. Every generation must come to terms with the bitter truth that securing true step change requires sustained reimagining, effort and commitment in and out of the office – which is much harder work than chewing up old glories. Twenty-five years later, the T-shirts may be faded, but my determination to be part of this process of renewal, revision and radicalization is stronger than ever.

Stella Creasy is MP for the London constituency of Walthamstow

Ideas is back online with its ‘Big Summer Sale’ offering up to 70% off – Style Mon, 09 May 2022 12:53:36 +0000

The next time you decide to shop online, be sure to head over to the Ideas Online Store, because “The Great Summer Sale” has officially begun.

The sale brings us our favorite shoes, bags, clothes, home accessories and more to the stores.

And that too, on massive discounts.

This is arguably the biggest fashion sale of the year, with a huge range of over 6,000 products on offer at discounts of up to 70%.

The Idea Sale offers comfort and convenience every season with an exclusive collection of GulAhmed unsewn fabrics available at attractive prices.

Get up to 70% off all your favourites, from comfy one-piece shirts to chic three-piece lawn outfits.

Ideas pret offers everything that is trendy, chic and comfortable this season. From the coolest ready-to-wear shirts to sophisticated two-piece suits, this is your chance to get the hottest looks of the season and stand out within your budget.

From essential crossbody bags to strappy summer sandals, Ideas has everything you need for the perfect summer evening.

And that’s not all.

The brand is also offering up to 70% off western clothing for men. With prices as low as 1,375 rupees, a summer shopping spree is in order.

From scrappy fabric to sleek polo shirts, big summer sales offer discounts on everything our wardrobe desperately needs.

As you prepare for summer, don’t forget to give your living space the long-awaited summer facelift.

Enhance the look of your home with a perfect mix of cushion covers, sheet sets and duvet cover sets at up to 70% off.

Sale prices are also applicable on cute and summer-friendly double sheet sets under a few hundred rupees.

What else? Enjoy 70% off full bedding sets.

Shop from a range of comfy, luxury and bridal bedding at unbelievably low prices.

On top of that, all parents get great discounts on the kids section, which not only includes clothes, but also unique home accessories.

The big summer sale is set to stream exclusively online at tonight (May 9) at 9 p.m. with free home delivery across Pakistan for orders of Rs2000 or more, while in-store rollout is scheduled for May 13.

This content is paid advertising by Ideas and is not associated with or does not necessarily reflect the views of Images or

35 awesome graduation party ideas for the class of 2022 Fri, 06 May 2022 20:12:00 +0000

After more than a year spent largely within the confines of your own home, one thing is for sure: you’re going to want to celebrate your 2022 graduate and all of their accomplishments, the most significant of which is coming through a very unique high school. or college experience. And the good news: you can do it safely.

If we’ve learned anything from our ongoing experiences with coronaviruses, it’s that there are many unique ways to honor major life milestones. If you’re still expecting big social gatherings, litter your lawn with signs and decorations and host a special drive-in event. Or go for a large Zoom family party, which is also a great idea for distant relatives. Because small gatherings, especially outdoors, have become more and more frequent, a thematic garden barbecue is also a great way to toast your son, daughter or any honoree.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate, just by honking, blasting graduation songs, and handing out favor boxes or having a big buffet and eating, drinking and having fun together – the most important thing is that your event is centered around your hard-working graduate. The party doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. Depending on the scale of it, expect to spend between $50 and a few hundred dollars. (Plus, if you go big with Pinterest-worthy decorations like graduation quotes scribbled on blackboards, a tent and a caterer, of course!)

Ready to start planning? Get inspired with these creative graduation party ideas and decorations.

17 behind the ear tattoo ideas that are perfectly delicate Fri, 06 May 2022 16:03:09 +0000

When considering placing a tattoo, you have your obvious places like the legs, arms and back – but those looking to take advantage of prime real estate might consider tattoos behind the ear. This slick spot near the nape of the neck is perfect for minimalist ink that shyly pops out from under locks of hair and shirt collars. As an artist Diana Divina of Black Flower Tattoo in New York says, “Inking behind the ear is a really fun way to accentuate a part of your body that you probably never think about.”

The discreet placement also makes it an easy introduction for tattoo beginners or anyone who prefers less conspicuous art. “They are usually cute, quaint and very easy to hide,” says the artist Ilya of High Hopes Tattoo At New York. “For some people, they’re also seen as a kind of accessory, a bit like a sparkly earring.”

If you’re wondering how much it’s going to hurt to tattoo a spot so close to the bone, Ilia says to keep in mind it depends on the individual’s pain tolerance – that said, you can expect most of the discomfort to come from the vibration of the machine versus the needle itself. Another plus, according to Ilia? “Behind the ear tattoos are [done] relatively fast, so if they hurt, it’s not for long,” she tells Bustle.

Before heading to that appointment, both artists say to keep aftercare (and pre-care) in mind. Ilia recommends washing your hair the day before tattooing to avoid unnecessary irritation while the ink heals. At this point, Divina adds, avoid using harsh skin and hair care products around the area while it heals. Tattoos behind the ear can age well, but Divina says sun protection is key. “If the area is constantly exposed to the sun, you can expect discoloration in that area the same way you would with a hand tattoo,” she says. So be sure to apply SPF regularly once the tattoo has healed. She also notes that if you go for a thin line tattoo (a popular choice), it will likely require a touch-up at some point.

Now for the fun part: Scroll down for 17 behind the ear tattoo ideas that just might inspire your next piece of body art.


pigmented flowers

Flowers are a favorite among tattoo lovers. For a delicate take on a classic, consider adding some color – this pink and purple tattoo makes a great pop.


One line drawing globe

Perfect for someone who loves to travel, this thin line behind the earball design features a small plane buzzing around the world.


A small plane

Another idea for the globetrotter? Let’s take a small plane. Let it serve as a permanent inspiration to travel to new places.



Double the charm with a pair of simply drawn butterflies, like the ink seen here. Whether you love the outdoors or the 90s aesthetic, the cute insect is ideal for an understated tattoo.


twinkling stars

If you want something super delicate, consider a behind-the-ear tattoo like this one that features a cluster of delicately twinkling stars.



Pair text and flowers with ink that showcases an initial emerging from a flower. Whether you choose your name or the initials of someone you love, letters are always ideal for a more subtle design.


A sea creature

For a whimsical tattoo idea, get a glimpse of your favorite animal. If you are a sea life lover, this simple line tattoo showcases a cute cartoon-like stingray.



Go for something less obvious with a Morse code tattoo. The red ink in this piece adds extra intrigue.


A flying swallow

Birds are a popular tattoo theme and can be an ideal choice for placement behind the ear. Step into the trend with a swallow design behind the dreamy ear.


religious text

You might consider symbolizing your religion with your ink. This spiritual tattoo features a cross and the word “faith” written in fairly thin cursive.



Go for a tattoo like this storm-inspired ink that features lightning bolts for a bold design that extends towards the neck.


Music notes

Perfect for the music lover or musician, this tattoo behind the ear features quarter notes, eighth notes, and other symbols.



Heaven provides tons of tattoo inspo. A chic and minimalist example is a constellation tattoo. This Big Dipper design works well discreetly behind the ear.


a simple heart

The heart-shaped ink has captured the hearts of countless tattoo lovers. Keep things clean with a simply drawn line tattoo like this hollow heart placed behind the ear.


angelic number

If you love numerology, a vertical angel number 444 tattoo – which symbolizes manifestation and protection – is the perfect fit for this placement.



A whimsical idea behind ear ink to consider? Get a glimpse of your favorite fruit. This strawberry tattoo is adorable and understated.

]]> Tons of ideas behind Kara’s connection to big business Forty Fri, 06 May 2022 14:49:19 +0000

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S4’s Kara Gilliespie attends Dalziel High School’s Deaf Unit and felt the Deaf Awareness Week that fell last week should be marked in a special way.

To that end, the enterprising Kara decided to see if she could do a charity collaboration with the Forty Society in Glasgow of which she is a big fan – and the society agreed.

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School press officer Dawn Whitelaw explained, “Kara contacted the company herself, showed them some designs, worked with their graphic designer to come up with the final designs and colors.

The most popular

“She even visited the store and warehouse for several business meetings and provided deaf awareness training and basic British Sign Language classes to Forty staff.

“Kara has been promoting the range via her Instagram account @cochlearkaz and on her YouTube channel of the same name. Both t-shirt designs, which feature the Forty logo and colorful abstract designs, are nearly sold out in all sizes. and there are only a few canvas bags left.

“Family, friends and staff from Dalziel’s Deaf Department were quick to purchase the limited edition items. Proceeds go to the WSDCS West of Scotland Deaf Children’s Society.”

For more see

WNBA mulls expansion ideas amid tight labor market for players Fri, 06 May 2022 09:16:24 +0000
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Alysha Clark wandered the sidelines picking up water bottles and other discarded items after a 90-minute practice before sitting down and looking up. Dressed in an all-red Washington Mystics practice uniform with a long-sleeved blue shirt underneath, the 11-year-old veteran and two-time WNBA champion recalled his humble beginnings: after leading the division twice I of the NCAA by scoring at Middle Tennessee and being picked 17th in the 2010 WNBA draft, she didn’t play in the league for two years because there was no roster for her.

Situations like Clark’s are common throughout the WNBA, which opens its regular season on Friday. There are only 144 spots in the league, with each of the 12 teams able to carry 12 players. Due to salary cap maneuvers, many teams don’t use all 12 slots. These limited opportunities have led to tough decisions, especially with younger players.

The Las Vegas Aces traded their 2023 first- and second-round picks to get No. 8 and 13 picks in this year’s draft — then gave up those picks, Mya Hollingshed and Khayla Pointer. The Seattle Storm cut No. 17 pick Elissa Cunane, a second-team All-American from North Carolina State’s Associated Press. The Minnesota Lynx waived 2020 Rookie of the Year Crystal Dangerfield and 2021 No. 9 pick Rennia Davis. The Indiana Fever previously cut the bait with 2020 No. 3 pick Lauren Cox and 2021 No. 4 pick Kysre Gondrezick. Examples follow.

Brittney Griner ‘wrongfully detained’, says US, signaling shift in strategy

Forty-two percent of players drafted since 1997 have never made the roster.

“I’m one of those players,” Clark said. “I was cut the first two years so I had to go abroad to develop and go play and then hopefully come back and earn a place. It’s annoying because you never know. Because not only are you going there to try to grow, but now there’s a whole new generation coming in that you also have to compete with outside of the veteran presence that’s already there.

“Hopefully it gets to the point where this league is, we’re seeing expansion in terms of squads, but it starts with salaries and starts the salary cap and investment in our league.”

As with everything, money is where things get tricky. There has been a massive push to increase the number of teams in the league, and commissioner Cathy Engelbert has confirmed that the league is actively conducting a data analysis of 100 cities. That, however, is years away. A more immediate option would be expanding the spots on the team roster, which would involve revising the collective bargaining agreement and salary cap structure.

“I think the conversation about how many players make up teams also shows the depth of the quality of play in this league,” Engelbert said. “I mean, it’s amazing. It’s hard to make a team; There is no doubt about it.

“We want any new owner entering the league to experience the potential of a successful franchise. We’re still building that business model I was talking about, but we’ll definitely talk more about it this summer.

Engelbert comes from a business background as CEO of Deloitte before taking charge of the WNBA in 2019. Much of his focus has been on the financial stability and growth of the league. Some of that has been impacted during the pandemic, and there’s a reluctance to commit to lavish new plans that could jeopardize that stability. The league has increased investors in recent years with a $75 million capital raise and a WNBA Changemaker program that partners with companies including Nike, AT&T, Google, US Bank and Deloitte.

Three years after the WNBA title, the Mystics become the underdogs again

Interest in the league has also increased. An expanded multi-year deal with Twitter was announced this week, which includes 12 games and a weekly Twitter Spaces segment. Last month’s draft saw a 20% increase in viewership on ESPN. 2021 regular season viewership increased by 49% over 2020. There will be a large-scale fantasy women’s basketball game on for the first time this season.

Former Seattle Storm coach Dan Hughes sees an opportunity for measured expansion of teams and other logistics, such as private flights for teams. He pointed to more players in advertisements and an increase in interest from fans and players around the world wanting to play in the WNBA.

What I see here is an opportunity to define the league as the greatest league in the world, which is basketball,” Hughes said. “If you’re talking about the biggest league in the world, wouldn’t that go hand in hand to do the kinds of things that represent the biggest league in the world?

“I understand dollars and cents. . . . But I also think there’s an opportunity right now, you could even make this league even better by taking financial steps to define it so that the greatest players in the world – not just the United States – say: ‘Well, I’m going to play there.’ Just like the NBA. . . . There was a time [the NBA] went from commercial to charter and all that stuff, and I think that’s a logical step.

Mystics think Rui Machida’s game will translate to WNBA

This is where the dichotomy lies. Coaches and GMs would like to see these kinds of investments from the league, but the current CBA was signed in 2020 and will run through 2027. New funds keep pouring in, but Engelbert is wary of spending too much quickly and leave the league vulnerable. The current broadcast deal with ESPN spans the 2025 season, and the next one is expected to be worth more.

“Every general manager and coach, when it’s not about their own pocket and salary, would love to have a bigger roster,” Mystics coach Mike Thibault said. “That, ultimately, is an owner’s decision.

“[Larger rosters] would also allow for longer player development, that we could take some players and let them develop at the rate they need to develop rather than cut them and hope they develop when they leave foreign. It’s a very big Catch-22.

The league does not have an affiliate option for borderline players to grow within an organization. Coaches need bodies to get through the season, so it’s hard to hold on to someone who isn’t ready to compete on a daily basis.

The trend isn’t new, but the topic is being discussed more than ever with so many eyes on the league.

“There’s no way we should have a league where the top draft picks aren’t on a list,” Los Angeles Sparks forward Chiney Ogwumike said this week.

]]> Planning a day? Here are some summer outfit ideas for women Fri, 06 May 2022 05:22:49 +0000

The summer season is upon us. With it come the many changes we need to make to adapt to the scorching environment. To make things a bit harder, the summers this year are hotter. Clothing can have a significant impact on your ability to adapt to the heat and we’re here to help you do just that.

Putting together an outfit for the summer can be difficult. And therefore, some suggestions will be as good as a good cold drink under the hot sun. In this article, we have some ideas grouped together if you are planning a summer day. Here they are:

Oversized Shirts

Shirts are one of the popular choices regardless of the season anyway. In summer, this preference is stricter. Oversized shirts are perfect to pair with jeans and shoes and make you look smart and classy. Oversized shirts also work for formal settings. Add some casual pants and you’re good to go.

Denim skirts

Denim skirts are just what you need if you consider it hard to match a pair every day. Denim skirts look great with a plethora of colors. Plus, there’s no need to be regular with washing, saving you time to unwind after a hot and tiring day.

Bralette with matching stockings

Trendy yet comfortable, bralettes can be easily paired with matching jeans, skirts or pants. Apart from being a great outfit for summers, it’s also a budget outfit because you can wear it again and re-pair it. For example, wear a white shirt with a light colored bralette and make it your social media ready (OOTD) outfit of the day by pairing it with denim bottoms.

Cargos And Crop Tops

Cargos are a recurring trend in the fashion industry, and currently they are back and very popular among women. When paired with a good crop top in muted colors, they become evergreen. So, for a busy and adventurous day, the Cargo pants are an ideal companion.


Favoring a wide range of fabrics, kaftans are a trendy addition to your summer wardrobe. Kaftans look like silhouettes as they follow your movements and are extremely comfortable. You can wear it with or without the belt, depending on the situation.

Read all the latest IPL 2022 news, breaking news and live updates here.

9 professional and casual outfit ideas for work Wed, 04 May 2022 21:05:02 +0000

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently curate and write things we love and think you’ll love too. If you purchase a product that we have recommended, we may receive an affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.

As that back-to-the-office date slowly creeps onto the calendar, so too does the uncertainty of what to wear. Whether your employer has reinstated a new dress code or you have to follow the same rules, if you’re heading back to the office, it’s probably time to freshen up your closet with more office clothes. Business casual clothes should be comfortable, while helping you look polished: think blazers, fitted skirts, pantsuits and sheath dresses that fit well and can be easily mixed and matched with your standard basics.

Putting together a smart outfit with a business casual outfit will require tapping into your existing arsenal of stackable staples like buttonholes and dressy tees. But you don’t have to be limited to an everyday uniform. When shopping for casual pieces, items like knee-length skirts and closed-toe shoes might be high on your list, but you can still incorporate your personality with the right accessories. Work in a designer handbag or your favorite jewelry to differentiate your business-casual look.

What is Business Casual?

The term “business casual” has different definitions depending on the company you work for, your job, and the location of your office. The easiest way to think of it is a hybrid way of dressing between formal business attire and everyday casual attire. It’s not essential to wear a full costume, necessarily, but ideally your outfit is still “done” enough to make it look like you’ve thought about your wardrobe. Consider mixing in interesting pieces and accessories, like a sleek moto jacket and new jewelry, or keep it relatively safe in neutral pants and a patterned blouse. Style-wise, the business-casual approach allows for generally more edgy and personality-driven workwear.

Business Casual vs. Business Professional

While business casual has room for interpretation and allows you to step out on the casual side of your closet more frequently, business professional is a traditional dress code typically reserved for stricter work environments like government, law or the bank. In this context, suits, blazers and shirts are neat (no creases!) and tailored. It is better to avoid too bright colors and keep accessories to a minimum, except for a simple belt or discreet jewelry.

Where to buy business and casual clothes

Go-to places for the POPSUGAR Fashion Team to find stylish and casual clothes include COS, The Frankie Shop, Club Monaco, Henning, Universal Standard, Misha Nonoo, Tibi, Anine Bing, Nanushka, Vince, Veronica Beard and Victoria Beckham. Keep reading for a curated selection of business casual items, plus some style tips.