April Fool’s Day pranks, ideas and reader favorites over the years

Take things with a grain of salt on April 1, at least in the morning.

April 1 means April Fool’s Day. Expect pranks, tales and attempts to trick you.

If you’re participating this year, be sure to have your stuffing signed, sealed and delivered before noon. After 12 bells, the joke is on you, if you play it.

Pranks don’t have to be brutal, sometimes the lightest ones are the best. But, after two years of confinement with the same people, you could exact revenge. Below, we take a look at some of the April Fool’s Day prank ideas sent to us by ChronicleLive readers.

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Here are some of our favorite April Fool’s Day tales and reading memories.

Over the years, readers have sent in their April Fool’s Day memories. Here are some of the highlights.

Alison Whitten from Newcastle said: ‘At a school I once taught at, the headmaster put up a ‘For Sale’ board… there were some rather anxious parents until they realized the date !”

Christine Dugan: “My son changed all my contacts on my phone to Harry Potter characters overnight.”

Jacqueline A Lee: “My mother said the school was closed because it had been snowing all night and the teacher couldn’t come to work! But I have the last word because my mother was born crazy before noon on April 1, 1961. ”

Jo-Anne Elliott: “I put my foot on the scale behind my sister at Weight Watchers. The consultant got up to change the CD because she didn’t know how to tell him that she had bet on a stone!

Ken Black: “Sorry to inform you that the NTC has taken down St Mary’s Lighthouse saying the island is more suited to luxury apartments! The good news is Marcello now has two vans! You have every right to go crazy on the day of the April Fool”

Scott Michael Andrews: “I wrote on my Facebook that the Whitley Bay lighthouse collapsed and people believed me!”

Liz Walker: “When I was working as a clearance store manager in Littlewoods, I sent out an April Fool’s Day order, say, 100 whippet coats with a Brown Ale design, 500 robots trained to get beer out of the fridge, 75 T t-shirts with “I love Greggs” on , 100 sweatshirts with “Sunderland and Newcastle supporters are real friends.” You get the drift and you wouldn’t believe it, an employee seriously phoned to place the order and I Got a beating from the main man for wasting company resources and time (no sense of humor). My staff had a good laugh. Result.”

Jeff Ball sent to tell us about the Cramlington Rockets RLFC April Fool’s joke on their website: “The Cramlington Rockets are pleased to announce an agreement with Oscar winner Russell Crowe to take over the club.” The article ends: “To learn more about the recovery, contact us or check the date of this article.”

Kristy Bradley: “I told my dad I was pregnant really thinking he wouldn’t believe me. He ended up showing up at my house asking his boss if he could quit work because “He had received some good news! I felt bad! I gave him five grandkids, so I think I made up for it. I haven’t had an April Fool since.”

Sara Atkinson: “When my son was around 13 or 14 he had a few friends staying over and they were going to a Newcastle game the next day which started around 1pm. I put all the clocks forward to 12.30pm then ran into the bedroom saying they were going to miss the game. They were gutted for about ten minutes before I gave in and told them!”

Steve Elwood: “Years ago Tyne Tees TV News ran a story about a guy from Newcastle who had trained his pigeons to fly backwards and of course they had the film footage to prove it. I was totally taken in and I went to work the next day saying it was wonderful – only to remember the date. Of course, it was just the film reversed. Crazy or what.”

Joe Turnbull: “I asked a friend to call my mother to tell her that she had been selected for a contest on Metro Radio and that she would be given a question to win a cart. She got the question wrong and swore . Well done, it wasn’t live!”

Margaret Nicholson: “I loved the local radio one, they were looking to relocate the Angel of the North and listeners had to recommend sites. People thought it was for real.”

Newcastle’s Laura Reed: “I changed my birthday on Facebook to April 1st and at noon I was dumb because Facebook wouldn’t let me change to my real birthday for a month. Lots of people fell for it, writing happy birthday messages on my facebook wall all day.”

April Fool’s Day pranks to try in 2022

If you’re looking for ideas for a prank to play today, consider these below. Remember, do it before noon.

Caramel onions

This one takes a bit of time and effort, but it’s totally worth it. Peel a few onions and stick a lollipop stick in the center of the pit. Then cover them with caramel so that they look like caramel apples. Let them dry and then distribute them. Watch the faces of your friends and family members change from joy to disgust and as they bite into the “treat”.

Slippery door handles

If you don’t have much time to put together an elaborate prank, it’s nice and simple and you’ll still get a few laughs. All you have to do is put Vaseline on a doorknob to make it even more slippery.

Insect lamps

We don’t advise you to play this prank on someone who has a phobia of scary critters. Get a black card and a pencil. Next, draw some insects – beetle and large spider shapes will work best for this as they are quite large and easier to draw.

Once you have your designs, cut them out and glue them inside a lampshade. When your unsuspecting victim turns it on, they’ll find a whole range of creepy critters lurking inside. yuck!

No TV today

Prank your family members by placing a small piece of clear tape over the sensors on the TV box and remote control and watch everyone freak out that there will be no TV!

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