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One of those fashion risks would be to ditch all the cliched colors like black, red, white, and blue in favor of a brighter, more beautiful color like purple. Now, before you dismiss this idea out of hand, give us a chance to explain.

Nothing says ‘royal’, ‘fabulous’ or ‘sophisticated’ quite like purple. Wearing a purple blouse or dress not only enhances your beauty, but also makes you the woman everyone wants to pose with for the camera.

Contrary to popular assumption, styling purple clothes is not difficult. All you need is the proper information, and you can boldly hit the streets wearing a stunning purple costume. In the spirit of being the fantastic fashion mentors that we are, we’ve compiled a list of four ways for you to wear the color purple.

Purple for formal occasions

When you wear a purple suit or blazers, getting attention in a room becomes a breeze. It also boosts your confidence the next time you pitch an idea to a client or strike a pose for a magazine cover.

purple styling

casual purple

You can always count on a purple sweatshirt, crop top or hoodie to look effortlessly stylish when you venture outside to pick up an item at the store or hang out with a group of friends. . Purple is a really cool color on its own, so when portrayed through a t-shirt paired with jeans and a bucket hat, you could be on your way to becoming a street style fashion icon.

purple styling
purple styling

purple glamor

The truth is that many women like to be the center of attention at a gathering. Make your girlfriend’s/sister’s/cousin’s wedding runway your runway by wearing a purple bodycon dress or purple sequin flare dress. Believe us when we say you’ll be the only thing on everyone’s mind.

purple styling

monochrome purple

If you’re wearing purple, why stop halfway when you could go all the way? In the fashion industry, the monotonous becomes a style trend. Instead of a simple purple dress, you can pair it with a pair of purple thigh high boots.

purple styling
purple styling

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