4 eleven costume ideas for Halloween

Strange things provides a lot of easy inspiration for Halloween costume ideas, especially the character of Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown. But before you tell us that Eleven has been done before and no one wants to dress like her again, listen to us. We don’t just give you a Eleven costumes to choose from. No, we have options for you to choose from, including one of Strange things Season 4.

Eleven costume ideas from season 1 of “Stranger Things”

Eleven in Season 1 of “Stranger Things” | Netflix

Strange things Season 1 is Eleven’s most iconic look, but it’s not that hard to replicate. You will need a light pink dress, preferably one with a Peter Pan collar. These dresses are actually a bit of a fashion comeback, so you can probably find one on Amazon. You will also need classic tube socks with the red and blue stripe on top, as well as a navy blue jacket.

Eleven wears a wig with this outfit, so you can easily work with an inexpensive wig at your local Halloween store. (We’re sure a Halloween spirit has taken over an abandoned building near you.) Simple tennis shoes and a box of Eggos to complete your outfit, and voila! You are now eleven years old Strange things Season 1.

Bonus points: Eleven have their heads shaved throughout Season 1. You get bonus points for shaving their heads for the costume.

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Eleven costume ideas from season 2 of “Stranger Things”

Eleven from season 2 of

Eleven from Season 2 of “Stranger Things” | Netflix

In Strange things Season 2 Eleven is starting to take on its full meaning. She’s been stuck alone in Hopper’s cabin for a year, which is enough to drive everyone crazy, so when she sneaks up on her own to find another of Dr. Brenner’s subjects, she’s more than ready to find her own. sense of style. This style happens to be a lot of black clothes, tight rolled jeans, and black eyeliner smeared around her eyes. Use hair gel to straighten your hair back, and you are good to go as Eleven’s Strange things Season 2.

Eleven costume ideas from season 3 of “Stranger Things”

Eleven from 'Stranger Things' Season 3 in a brightly colored, patterned shirt.

Eleven from Season 3 of “Stranger Things” | Netflix

By the time Strange things Season 3 unfolds, Eleven ditched black clothes and with the help of Max (Sadie Sink), she embraces all the colors the 80s has to offer. Bright patterns were all the rage in the ’80s, so you could probably go to your local consignment store to find something that works. Don’t focus on getting the exact patterns Eleven wears (although Target did come up with the clothes at one point). Instead, just go for clothes with lots of color. Add some loose waves to your hair, and that’s all you need to get an Eleven costume idea from Strange things Season 3. It’s not a little obscure, and not everyone will know who you are, but does it really matter?

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Eleven costume ideas from season 4 of “Stranger Things”

Eleven from season 4 of

Eleven from Season 4 of “Stranger Things” | Netflix

There aren’t many images of Eleven from Strange things Season 4, but what we’ve seen will make it easy to replicate. For this one, you’ll need a loose, checkered button-down shirt and jeans. If you really want to get into character, you can always cut bangs for your hair and have two guys in costume pretend to hold you back all night. This is an easy way to make an Eleven costume idea from Strange things Season 4 Only the show’s most devoted fans will know who you are, but that’s okay. Moreover, if you are a fan of plaid, you can always wear it again in your everyday life.

Strange things Season 4 will air at some point in 2022. However, the first three seasons are currently airing on Netflix.

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