30 trendy April outfit ideas for spring 2022

You’ve probably seen a lot of talk about the trend cycle lately. Some say they find it antiquated, citing social media apps like TikTok for democratizing fashion and making the industry less reliant on trends. Still others find popular styles to be extremely influential and powerful resources to consult when building their personal aesthetic. If you’re unsure where you stand in the big fashion debate of 2022, consider curating trendy outfits in April and notice how or if buzzy looks align with your individualistic approach to fashion. As the old saying goes, you can’t hit it until you try it, so why not give this season’s popular craziness a shot before going pro or anti?

First, all of the Spring 2022 featured styles can be tweaked to suit your personal preferences more. For example, if you’ve been watching the sultry sartorial phenomenon in progress but have remained cautious not to dive too deep into the titillating aesthetic, a subtly translucent blouse is a softer take on the controversial see-through dress trend. Likewise, lingerie-inspired fashion this spring can include more casual manifestations, like a denim corset or a sleek sports bra that doubles as a statement top. This season also featured a slew of creative adaptations of last year’s fashions – the ubiquitous cutout trend, for example. Think: pants with multiple slits and fun, playful back cutouts that feel entirely new and inspired.

Want to learn more about how to style today’s trending styles? Below, check out 30 ensembles that celebrate the season’s wildly popular clothing and aesthetic.

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sunny yellow

When April brings its signature showers, become the sun yourself with a mood-elevating bright yellow sweater. Take inspiration from the gloomy weather and pair the butter-colored piece with dark rooms.

Clear Peek-A-Boo

See-through pieces are trending in the spring, as fashion continues to be influenced by a sultry mood. Instead of the ever-popular sheer dress, consider a blouse made of sheer materials.

delicate aged

Not just haphazardly torn shreds of fabric or clumps of rogue threads clumped together here and there, there’s an intentional, luxuriously distressed art form. The key is to choose a garment made of fine materials, such as a fine knit, that shows only a few choice signs of wear.

Girly Gorpcore

Do you know gorpcore? It’s the utility-based fashion trend that’s why you see practical pieces like cargo pants and hybrid dresses made of fleece zippers everywhere.

Multi-slit pants

A kind of playful take on the 2022 slit leg trend, pants adorned with multiple skin-revealing holes are fast becoming a favorite among fashion forwards. Cut-out pants in a transitional elastic color – like sage green, for example – are particularly on-trend.

Adult Mary Janes

You probably know that platform shoes are all the rage, and if you’ve been on a fashion girl’s Instagram lately, you’ve probably also know that Mary Jane shoes are in 2022. So why not combine the two shoe trends via a pair of Mary Jane-style platform pumps?

Parisian stripes

Channel your inner Parisian It-girl by donning a crisp off-white sweater that features Breton stripes. Then pair the striped piece with crisp straight jeans and a small designer bag.

Unsaturated spring flowers

Flip the age-old concept of “flowers for spring” by choosing a print done in a black and white color palette. The muted colors look like a take on seasonal fashion that makes floral prints feel like spring. in fact feel fresh.

Cutouts covering the torso

Tired of cutouts that cut your midriff or open your cleavage to show only your collarbones? Instead, try a blouse embellished with slashes.

Sequins at noon

Turn an afternoon spent scratching stains into a party by slipping on a sequin top. This is daytime disco in its purest form.

Maximum volume

Maximalism doesn’t just mean a bright color palette or a garish print. The total aesthetic manifests itself in various forms, including unconventional silhouettes that beg to be seen – like a puff sleeve blouse.

A luxury belt bag

In addition to trendy styles like vibrant handbags and chunky totes, sleek and well-organized belt bags are one of the top handbag trends of 2022. Also go for a wide silhouette if you are always on the go.

A graphic mid-length skirt

Honor champion of the illusion print trend, Jean Paul Gaultier, by welcoming one of his vintage-authentic pieces — say, a graphic skirt — into your spring rotation.

An open back

A garment with revealing holes in the back is another inspired take on last year’s all-consuming cutout fashion. Spine-revealing details are especially flirtatious when adorning a voluminous blouse that gives off a romantic vibe.

party pants

When you want a metallic touch but can’t be bothered to organize a selection of jewelry or sparkly accessories, count on the magic of party pants. High gloss backgrounds offer massive impact with little effort required on your part.

Spring Proof Knitwear

You know, just because it’s spring doesn’t mean you have to put away all your knitting. Indeed, a sleeveless vest with chosen cutouts is the perfect garment for the sometimes tumultuous times of the season.

Ready for tea

Instead of having brunch in the trendy neighborhood spot, why not invite your friends over and organize a tea party? Slip into a puffy floral dress, turn on the kettle and you’re all set for a memorable afternoon.

denim with a twist

Need a transitional jacket for the spring in-between times? Consider opting for a classic denim jacket with a twist with metallic embellishments or studs.

A crisp buttoning

According to fashion insiders who live perpetually in the to know, classic white shirts are the unsung key piece of the season. Consider leaving the shirt unbuttoned, so an alluring bra top can be exposed.

An ode to peas

Polka dots were a mainstay at many Paris Fashion Week shows where they were featured in a wearable, everyday context. Remember to invite the speckled print in the rotation of your daily outfits.

A crochet beret

Craftcore wins! Consider replacing your winter beanies with a lightweight crochet beret. It will add a refreshing dose of kitsch, I do not know what to any outfit you pair it with.

Pleas please

If you love sartorial experimentation, consider a ready-made aesthetic shock in April. Sporty-meet-girly, on the other hand, gives an effortlessly polished result. Consider wearing a soft nylon pleated maxi skirt with a casual hoodie and your favorite pair of sneakers.


When temperatures soar, keep your blazer jacket in your closet and try a waistcoat as a counterpart to tailored pants instead. Then team the classic look with a pair of flat loafers.

mad about plaid

So far, 2022 has offered plenty of cool girl-approved plaid styles that give the classic print a whole new fashionable energy. If you’ve said no to the plaid pattern in the past because you found it too prepster or outdated, make April the month to give it a second chance.

Tonal denim

In honor of the colorful jeans trend, pull off a matching look with a denim jacket and bottom in matching shades. Tonal coordination offers a put-together effect while denim pieces inherently give off a laid-back, laid-back vibe.

Denim bustier

Are you familiar with the Regencycore 2.0 phenomenon? Inspired by the release of BridgertonThe second season of , the 2022 trend sees last year’s romantic styles – corsets, strapless dresses, and more. – carried out in a more causal way. A denim corset is the perfect embodiment of the casual-meet-suit-y trend.

Sporty bra top

The lingerie sartorial trend has fashion girls wearing bralettes as tops, but if a sultry aesthetic doesn’t match your personal style, consider exploring the concept differently. For example, if you’re drawn to a more streetwear look, use a sports bra with a graphic print or with statement details as a standalone top.

A far from basic white tank top

Call it the It-girl effect (Zoë Kravitz, anyone?) but a simple white tank top has positioned itself as a heroic Spring 2022 piece. The key here to make sure your staple white tank isn’t , well, basic is to find one that is well designed and exudes luxury.

Beach jewelry

Spring’s elevated beachwear trend — aka beachcore — is sartorial escapism at its most simplistic. Even if you have a whole day ahead of you to make Zoom calls or run errands, a marine-inspired piece — like a shell necklace — conjures up visions of sand dunes and crashing waves.

Slip-on and slip-on flats

If platform party pumps or tall, notched-soled boots just aren’t your style, tap into 2022’s platform phenomenon with a pair of elevated sandals instead. For an effortless everyday uniform, wear luxe slipper-like shoes with wide-leg khaki pants, a carefree white tank top, and a striped button-up shirt.

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